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Category Archives: Chiropractor

For those of you who have been following my blog over the past week, you know that my 22-month-old son fractured his collarbone one week ago Sunday. He did so by rolling off of our dog and falling a mere 12 inches onto the grass, but landing directly on his shoulder. At first we knew [...]

As I have been having so many issues with my pelvis, I took a friend’s advice and went to see a rolfer in town. Rolfing is not a massage, however it can be quite intensive and it can affect deep tissues. Therefore, while pregnant, you might be limited as to what a rolfer can do [...]

The pregnancy is going great. I’m feeling awesome, and I saw my chiropractor yesterday. Dr. Rick works at Family First Chiropractic here in Reno. When we initially began looking for a chiropractor we wanted to make sure we found a place that took care of us as a whole family. Family First Chiropractic does just [...]

I saw my chiropractor today and it didn’t help me as much as I’d like. The pain in my lower back is better but I’m still having problems with my knee. I can’t squat or kneel and I feel pain on the front side of my knee when I walk or climb the stairs. I asked him [...]

I didn’t sleep so well last night. I went to bed not feeling great after my husband made us a watercress salad for dinner that included navy beans. Apparently, the beans took their toll on us. In addition, my left hip keeps slipping out and rotating causing me to have pain near my tail bone, and I hyperextended [...]