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Category Archives: Yoga

Keeping track of what week you are while pregnant is a pain. A lot of women forget the exact week until they go in for their next appointment. Tracking my weeks should’ve been easier—seeing as I’m writing a blog about it—but I just realized at my most recent doctor’s appointment that I screwed up my weeks [...]

My husband and I went to couples Prenatal Yoga today. We did the same with our first child and are now starting it sooner with the same yoga instructor, Mandy, at Yoga Loka here in Reno. We love Mandy and we love our class. The class is offered once a month on the first Friday of [...]

As I have been having so many issues with my pelvis, I took a friend’s advice and went to see a rolfer in town. Rolfing is not a massage, however it can be quite intensive and it can affect deep tissues. Therefore, while pregnant, you might be limited as to what a rolfer can do [...]


16 Weeks 7 days – Prenatal Yoga

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On Saturday I began my prenatal yoga classes! I’m not an expert at yoga nor do I practice it on a regular basis, but I do recognize its importance, especially when pregnant. I did take prenatal yoga during my first pregnancy and am again taking it for my second. On the first pregnancy I began my prenatal yoga [...]

I didn’t sleep so well last night. I went to bed not feeling great after my husband made us a watercress salad for dinner that included navy beans. Apparently, the beans took their toll on us. In addition, my left hip keeps slipping out and rotating causing me to have pain near my tail bone, and I hyperextended [...]