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Category Archives: Daily logs

For those of you who have been following my blog over the past week, you know that my 22-month-old son fractured his collarbone one week ago Sunday. He did so by rolling off of our dog and falling a mere 12 inches onto the grass, but landing directly on his shoulder. At first we knew [...]

Tuesday night was pure hell. It took me 2 hours just to console and calm my son down enough to go to sleep. His collarbone was giving him such a hard time from his fall on Sunday. This was the worst we had seen him yet. We were pretty sure that he had a hairline [...]

We run into toxins on a daily basis that can seem to be out of our control. You walk into a public restroom at the mall and go to wash your hands to find blue foam anti-bacterial soap, next you head to the gym and again find pink liquid soap at the sink and then [...]

Well, go figure we have He-Man for a toddler. Our little guy runs, falls and scrapes himself constantly with only a minor cry and then he is off and running again. That wasn’t the case this past Sunday. We have a great dane who is not as big as she should be and is actually [...]

Before you run out to the stores and spend too much time trying to find some key pregnancy items at multiple locations, go to first. I had been purchasing all of my items from either specialty stores or from Whole Foods until I discovered how many items Amazon carried for cheaper and—most of the [...]

Here goes part two of my theory. Again, I have found no medical study to support this theory and am only taking the information that has been proven or my gut feelings to help support my view. Please take with you what you will; I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be one. I’m [...]

For years it has been common practice to ‘break’ your toddler of their sleeping habits and to force them to sleep on their own, which can happen anywhere from 6 months of age to a year. I broke my son into sleeping in his crib upstairs around 6 months. This worked out perfectly and he [...]

This is where my theory begins. I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be the smartest person out there. Take my following opinion as just that. An opinion. This entire blog is all based on my opinions and this post is no different. I have no medical studies to back up my [...]

If men can change hormonally when their wife is pregnant through the pheromones being released, then why not a toddler or a child? Can the Mexican and Honduran belief that toddlers can sense the sex of the baby and demonstrate different behaviors before the birth of the baby, be true? Can a toddler and father [...]

Thank you for your patience while I researched further a theory regarding toddlers picking up on their mother’s pheromones. As in my previous blog, I spoke of the problem I was having with my 22 month old son having issues going to sleep at night. To recap, he was fine for the last year and [...]

So, I’ve run into a minor issue with my little man and am trying to figure out what to do. Any help from my readers would be more than welcomed!
Bed time with babies and toddlers tend to have frequent set backs. From teething to growing to just plain changes in getting older, you will experience [...]

Whew, that was a great trip, but tiring. Thank you for being so patient while I was out of the country traveling and trying to update my blog. I have one blog from last week that I will post later today that was supposed to be posted last Thursday. It will be past posted to [...]

Jet lag on a 21-month-old can be painful. Ugh. We are 6 days into our trip and while we slept most of the way over on the plane, and then got on the time schedule rather quickly, WE are not a 21-month old. While the 21-month-old may seem fine, going to bed on time and waking up [...]

We headed off to Europe for 2 weeks for work-related activities and some good holiday fun. We began our trip traveling to a larger city for departure so we can get a direct flight, thus beginning and ending our trip with an extra day not spent in Europe. We had our bags packed, 1 apiece, a car seat reserved for the flight—some international airlines [...]

As I’m traveling tomorrow to Europe I thought I’d continue my travel series on tips for flying with a newborn/toddler. The following are tips that I personally do to prep for out of town, week or more, long flights with my 21-month-old son and husband. Take with you what you will, but as I’ve streamlined [...]

With my upcoming adventure in the UK and Ireland, I’ve broken up some of the things that I do for spur of the moment car trips and for week long trips that require flying.
Here are some tips for over night getaways with an infant or toddler:

Pack for yourself first. This makes you take the time [...]

Can you be adventurous with wee little ones? The answer is yes, as long as you have a desire and a mind to do so. Kids can be very easy to travel with when you’re prepared and somewhat experienced in traveling. Even if you aren’t, the trip is what you make of it. If you’re scared [...]

If you are just tuning into this blog, you might want to go back and read the previous blog regarding toxins, SIDS, and crib mattresses.
In the US, we need to pay close attention to where and from whom we purchase our mattresses. Organic doesn’t always mean 100% pure; it can still have a certain percent [...]

When I began shopping for baby items for my first son, I tried to go all organic. This did not sit so well with the generational divide and I was basically made fun of by some people as they didn’t understand why I needed everything to be ‘natural’ and ‘toxin-free.’ It was a running joke [...]


I’m beat. From my husband working so much and me balancing work, watching our son, being pregnant, and writing and keeping up with the blog, it’s taking a lot out of me. My goal is to have something written every day, minus Sundays, until the baby is born. This is quite a challenge. I had [...]


I apologize to all of my readers. The past 2 weeks have been sheer craziness. My husband has been working so much and my little man and I are not dealing with the sudden change as easily as I had hoped. Being 23 weeks pregnant and hormonal, I hadn’t anticipated my husband who had been [...]

For those of you who have been reading my blog, yesterday’s post revolved around the toxin phenoxyethanol in baby wipes. That got me to thinking as to why I wasn’t making my own wipes? I make my own cleaning products, I use cloth diapers, why not convert over to making my own wipes? I began [...]

While searching for phenoxyethanol in my house, I ended up finding it, along with parabens and a few other toxic ingredients, in some of my natural and organic baby products. You can imagine my horror and disbelief that I had been using these products on my son for the past few months. I had gotten into [...]

As we left off yesterday, I was about to delve into what phenoxyethanol does to your body and why it’s toxic.
This one ingredient was the one that sent me over my limit; I devoted most of last week to researching everything I could find out about it. And did I ever uncover a lot. First, let me [...]

Please read part 1 from yesterday if you are just tuning in.
First, just how much is 1% of the ingredient phenoxyethanol in a product? I think Dr. Zoltan Rona M.D., M.Sc. restated it best:
“Now, what is 1% when it comes to a bottle of a lotion? 1% means 2 grams of pure 100% phenoxyethanol per [...]