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Category Archives: Children

If this is your second or third pregnancy you know how important it is to prep your children for the arrival of the newest member of the family. Children need to be included in family talks before the arrival of the baby. As I’ve stated in my past blogs, toddlers and kids of all ages can [...]

Thank you for your patience while I researched further a theory regarding toddlers picking up on their mother’s pheromones. As in my previous blog, I spoke of the problem I was having with my 22 month old son having issues going to sleep at night. To recap, he was fine for the last year and [...]

Jet lag on a 21-month-old can be painful. Ugh. We are 6 days into our trip and while we slept most of the way over on the plane, and then got on the time schedule rather quickly, WE are not a 21-month old. While the 21-month-old may seem fine, going to bed on time and waking up [...]

I just heard of this and am so excited that someone in my prenatal yoga class shared this with us. As I only have one child and have been thinking about ways to help him adjust to when the new baby comes home, I hadn’t really thought about how he is going to respond to [...]