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Category Archives: Sleeping pattern has changed

Here goes part two of my theory. Again, I have found no medical study to support this theory and am only taking the information that has been proven or my gut feelings to help support my view. Please take with you what you will; I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be one. I’m [...]

For years it has been common practice to ‘break’ your toddler of their sleeping habits and to force them to sleep on their own, which can happen anywhere from 6 months of age to a year. I broke my son into sleeping in his crib upstairs around 6 months. This worked out perfectly and he [...]

This is where my theory begins. I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be the smartest person out there. Take my following opinion as just that. An opinion. This entire blog is all based on my opinions and this post is no different. I have no medical studies to back up my [...]

If men can change hormonally when their wife is pregnant through the pheromones being released, then why not a toddler or a child? Can the Mexican and Honduran belief that toddlers can sense the sex of the baby and demonstrate different behaviors before the birth of the baby, be true? Can a toddler and father [...]

Thank you for your patience while I researched further a theory regarding toddlers picking up on their mother’s pheromones. As in my previous blog, I spoke of the problem I was having with my 22 month old son having issues going to sleep at night. To recap, he was fine for the last year and [...]

So, I’ve run into a minor issue with my little man and am trying to figure out what to do. Any help from my readers would be more than welcomed!
Bed time with babies and toddlers tend to have frequent set backs. From teething to growing to just plain changes in getting older, you will experience [...]