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Category Archives: Toxins in our Society

Many mothers have their first baby shower and receive tons of new baby clothes, blankets, onesies, socks, etc. You look at the clothes and admire them, stark and crisp and ready to be worn. Many mothers then immediately hang them up or place them in the drawers, trying hard to keep them as “new” as possible until the [...]

How many times have you turned over a product and have seen a gazillion ingredients that you have no clue of how to pronounce, let alone what they mean? Very few of us have been taught how to understand and read the labels. For the safety of you and your family this is one area [...]

We run into toxins on a daily basis that can seem to be out of our control. You walk into a public restroom at the mall and go to wash your hands to find blue foam anti-bacterial soap, next you head to the gym and again find pink liquid soap at the sink and then [...]

When I began shopping for baby items for my first son, I tried to go all organic. This did not sit so well with the generational divide and I was basically made fun of by some people as they didn’t understand why I needed everything to be ‘natural’ and ‘toxin-free.’ It was a running joke [...]

As we left off yesterday, I was about to delve into what phenoxyethanol does to your body and why it’s toxic.
This one ingredient was the one that sent me over my limit; I devoted most of last week to researching everything I could find out about it. And did I ever uncover a lot. First, let me [...]

I’ve been asked why I’m devoting so much time to this blog. Well, as I stated in my initial entry, I was plagued by toxins and I discovered freedom after ridding my life of the toxins in my body. Since writing that first entry, my mission has become more focused and poignant. My mission is [...]

No news on the pregnancy front.
Back to the discussion that was started yesterday. To wrap up medications and over-the-counter drugs, we simply have to look at the common sense aspect. Should we put something into our bodies to make our bodies act differently to cover or mask a health issue? For the most part, pills [...]

I’m thoroughly confused. My period is now 3 days late. My temperature jumped up to 97.8 yesterday and 98 today. I took a pregnancy test just to be sure and I’m not pregnant. So, now what? I can’t start tracking my days until my period starts and for the first time since January I’m out [...]