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Category Archives: Toxins

Many mothers have their first baby shower and receive tons of new baby clothes, blankets, onesies, socks, etc. You look at the clothes and admire them, stark and crisp and ready to be worn. Many mothers then immediately hang them up or place them in the drawers, trying hard to keep them as “new” as possible until the [...]

First of all, let me say that keeping up with this blog along with getting ready for a new little one is quite a challenge. I don’t know how many people out there are reading this, but please understand when I say I’ll be cutting down my blogging to 3 times a week. I plan [...]

How many times have you turned over a product and have seen a gazillion ingredients that you have no clue of how to pronounce, let alone what they mean? Very few of us have been taught how to understand and read the labels. For the safety of you and your family this is one area [...]

We run into toxins on a daily basis that can seem to be out of our control. You walk into a public restroom at the mall and go to wash your hands to find blue foam anti-bacterial soap, next you head to the gym and again find pink liquid soap at the sink and then [...]

If you are just tuning into this blog, you might want to go back and read the previous blog regarding toxins, SIDS, and crib mattresses.
In the US, we need to pay close attention to where and from whom we purchase our mattresses. Organic doesn’t always mean 100% pure; it can still have a certain percent [...]

When I began shopping for baby items for my first son, I tried to go all organic. This did not sit so well with the generational divide and I was basically made fun of by some people as they didn’t understand why I needed everything to be ‘natural’ and ‘toxin-free.’ It was a running joke [...]

While searching for phenoxyethanol in my house, I ended up finding it, along with parabens and a few other toxic ingredients, in some of my natural and organic baby products. You can imagine my horror and disbelief that I had been using these products on my son for the past few months. I had gotten into [...]

As we left off yesterday, I was about to delve into what phenoxyethanol does to your body and why it’s toxic.
This one ingredient was the one that sent me over my limit; I devoted most of last week to researching everything I could find out about it. And did I ever uncover a lot. First, let me [...]

Please read part 1 from yesterday if you are just tuning in.
First, just how much is 1% of the ingredient phenoxyethanol in a product? I think Dr. Zoltan Rona M.D., M.Sc. restated it best:
“Now, what is 1% when it comes to a bottle of a lotion? 1% means 2 grams of pure 100% phenoxyethanol per [...]

Let me just say that this blog will continue over the course of several days as I’ve uncovered so much information, it would take you forever to read it in just one blog. I know people are busy and that you want a quick read; as such, I try to keep my blogs to about [...]

I’ve been asked why I’m devoting so much time to this blog. Well, as I stated in my initial entry, I was plagued by toxins and I discovered freedom after ridding my life of the toxins in my body. Since writing that first entry, my mission has become more focused and poignant. My mission is [...]

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The Origins product line. I was turned on to this line a few years ago due to it being natural. I was sticker shocked to see the cost, but figured it was worth it for the mostly natural ingredients. I asked several of the workers [...]

Please read the previous blogs related to this blog on makeup.
So, what can we safely wear for makeup? Is there anything out there? These are good questions. I really don’t have a great answer for this as everything that I could find that’s considered natural, organic, and meets the E.U. standards still contain traces of [...]

If you are just reading my blog today, please go back and read parts 1 and 2 of Toxins in Makeup.
So, just what is in our makeup? How bad can the ingredients really be? Here is a list of just some of the toxic items you can find in your makeup. I’ve also included a link [...]


If you missed the introduction to this blog, you’ll want to go back and read part 1 that began yesterday.
Ever look at the ingredients in your makeup? Next time you want to find out what is in the ingredients in your makeup or lotions go to This link is really useful for plugging in the [...]


Many women have no idea of the toxins that are contained in makeup. I wish more people thought about their health rather than making themselves beautiful. I wish society pushed for health over beauty. That would be in a perfect world and we know we don’t live in a perfect world, but we can make [...]