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I’m beat. From my husband working so much and me balancing work, watching our son, being pregnant, and writing and keeping up with the blog, it’s taking a lot out of me. My goal is to have something written every day, minus Sundays, until the baby is born. This is quite a challenge. I had [...]


I apologize to all of my readers. The past 2 weeks have been sheer craziness. My husband has been working so much and my little man and I are not dealing with the sudden change as easily as I had hoped. Being 23 weeks pregnant and hormonal, I hadn’t anticipated my husband who had been [...]

I’ve been asked why I’m devoting so much time to this blog. Well, as I stated in my initial entry, I was plagued by toxins and I discovered freedom after ridding my life of the toxins in my body. Since writing that first entry, my mission has become more focused and poignant. My mission is [...]


15 weeks 6 days – Blogging

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Happy belated holidays! I apologize for my absence but we were out of town and it has taken me over a week to get caught up with unpacking the 6 full luggage bags, washing and putting away all of the clothes, cleaning the house, putting away the Christmas decorations, tending to a 19-month-old who is [...]