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It’s been 4 weeks since my second son was born. Keeping up with the blogging is tough right now. Between getting into a new routine, getting enough sleep, working, trying to start a second career and keeping up with a 2 year old, I’m worn out by the time it comes time to type my [...]

Last Monday, we took our son for his first check-up. At birth he weighed 5 lb 11 oz and at our first visit he had dropped to 5 lb 3 oz. It is normal for newborns to lose between 7%-10% of their birth weight and regain it within the first two-three weeks. There are several [...]

Within that first hour of being hooked up to the monitors and thinking about how this couldn’t be happening, my contractions slowly began. By noon the contractions began to regulate and were coming about half strong and in the 80s on the monitor. I was only dialated to roughly 1.5 cm and the baby’s head [...]

I apologize for posting this over a week and a half late, but I haven’t exactly had time to post anything at all. My little bundle of joy decided to surprise us by coming 4 weeks early! I did try to write in the hospital believe it or not, but I couldn’t get my husband’s [...]

If this is your second or third pregnancy you know how important it is to prep your childrenĀ for the arrival of the newest member of the family. Children need to be included in family talks before the arrival of the baby. As I’ve stated in my past blogs, toddlers and kids of all ages can [...]

Birth announcements are something that women tend to think about after the baby is born. I encourage you to pick out 3 options prior to the birth. This’ll make your decisions that much easier once the baby comes and you’re knee deep in poopy diapers, nursing, trying to get on a schedule and dealing with [...]