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Nothing has changed on the waiting game. I’m late. Not pregnant. Good times.

After I signed out to do additional reading I realized that I was thinking too hard. I was over doing everything. I decided to simplify and keep things to the point. If you would like further explanations, I can do that. Just let me know. For now I’m going to include links and lists of items you’ll want to avoid and a brief explanation as to why. Here is a great link to a list of toxic chemicals that are in the foods we eat. This site gives a breakdown of dyes and additives that the Food Safety Council has investigated/researched for the sake of Public Safety. Great list to review and be aware of when you go shopping. Print it out and hang it in your kitchen. You won’t believe how many foods contain these chemicals.

Artificial Dyes -
I have seen first hand what dyes can do to a baby. While nursing last fall, I pulled out some frozen Christmas cookies that I had made. I didn’t think anything about eating them while nursing Doc as I made them. They were safe, right? Wrong. I was eating sugar cookies with green and red frosting and sprinkles. Sounds harmless. However, within hours of eating them Doc began to be overly fussy, wouldn’t sleep, and was irritable.  I thought he was coming down with something or had started teething early. I continued to eat the cookies.

That night he slept horribly. He woke up several times when he normally slept through the night, a good 8 hours. I was exhausted the next day. Yet I still didn’t make the connection. Another restless day and night. Day 3 and 4 proved to be the same. Then it hit me. I ran to the cupboard and read McCormick’s dye ingredients and Wilton’s sprinkle ingredients. There it was. It hit me in the face. Red 40, Blue 2, Yellow 5 and Green 3. I was sick to think that I had caused his problems for 4 days straight. I immediately threw out all of the dye and the 10 different kinds of decorative sprinkles I had. After a few hours, he slowly calmed down and that night he slept better. By the next day he was fine and slept perfect through the night.

You can’t tell me that the dyes were not the culprit. The FDA is crazy to say that these dyes are safe. I saw what it did to a pure little baby.  Now, I only eat foods with natural dyes and only feed him the same. I also found a great place online to order all natural and organic food colorings and flavorings. This is a great site: Well worth the price and puts your mind at ease knowing that you are feeding your family all-natural products.

Artificial Flavors and  Sweeteners -
Additives such as artificial flavors and sweeteners are typically found in less nutritional foods and are cheaper for the manufacturers to purchase and to process. Therefore, these foods are usually loaded with preservatives for a longer shelf life, made with cheaper, less healthy ingredients, high in empty calories, and made for large consumption at a cheap price to the consumer. You see these kinds of foods everywhere. Your local grocery store or Walmart is a great place to find an abundance of unbelievable deals on food. “Look M&Ms, 3, 5lb bags for $6!”  Then you read the ingredients, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, etc. When did we decide to settle with eating chemicals? We are so used to candy and junk food, and our favorite sodas or burgers that we forget to think about what is inside. The manufacturers will continue to make the chemical laden foods as long as we buy them.

This doesn’t just consume the junk food industry. Look at the processed meats you eat at any deli. You may think, “I’m eating so healthy. I eat at Subway.” Do you know the amount of nitrites and nitrates that are in deli meats? A lot. They have been shown to be carcinogenic. Personally, I have stopped eating at all delis. When you start paying attention to the foods you eat and what is in the ingredients, you’ll be shocked to see the amount of chemicals we ingest. Here is another great link for keeping an eye on additives:

Here is another link for the artificial sweetener, aspartame: Aspartame is in nearly all gum and sodas. When you are pregnant, a lot of women refrain from soda. Some do not and just limit themselves to 1 can a day to keep the caffeine down. I can’t stress how bad this is. Here’s just one reason: when aspartame exceeds 86 degrees (keep in mind, the body ranges from 95-98 degrees) aspartame converts to formaldehyde. Hmmm. Let’s keep drinking that diet soda and chewing Trident gum while expecting. As a consumer, you need to read through the list of additives in the link referenced at the beginning of this blog and rethink what you are consuming. If you are fine with eating what you eat, then that is your choice. This is a free country. Most people don’t know what these chemicals do to the body and assume that if they are on the shelf for purchase then they are safe for consumption. My goal is to bring awareness to these chemicals and give you healthier alternatives, especially while you are pregnant.

That should give you plenty to think about.

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