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I’m pregnant! I’m so excited! Thrilled, actually. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? I was charting and testing and nothing and now—surprise!—I’m pregnant. I’m just as shocked as if I hadn’t been trying. This took me back and made me really go through my notes to find out how I could have missed this. Wow, this is confusing, but I think I might have figured out what happened. Where to begin? Let’s start back in September at the first day of my last period: September 20th (I know I had started it before on the 19th but it really didn’t start until the 20th so I’m changing my start date to that day).

I began charting my bbt on September 28th with my typical high temperature hitting on October 3rd, right around 7 days after my period. That normally would have been when I ovulated, but then it spiked again on Oct. 7th and so we continued to have sex through then just to be safe. My temperature remained high for another 10 days straight and then fell on Oct. 17th to 97.3. Now for me that is still in the higher range but nothing like the high temperatures I had been having at 98.2. After your luteal phase ends your bbt will drop signifying the onset of your period. I took that fall in temperature to mean just that. On Oct. 17th I should have started my period, but it never came.

Going back a day to Oct. 16th, if I had ovulated like I had thought on Oct. 3rd, I would have registered pregnant on any home pregnancy test. So, I took 3 test on the 16th with every single one coming back negative. I then took another one on the 19th, then 3 days late, and again it came back negative. So, I assumed that I had somehow missed my ovulation date or that it hadn’t occurred yet and was up in the air as to what to do or how to proceed until my period came. I figured I could just wait until then and start over. I also had researched Vitex and started taking it to help my ovulation.

I stopped taking my bbt on Oct. 20th. As I waited out for my period to arrive, I didn’t and still don’t have any breast tenderness or swelling. I don’t get sick when pregnant either (thank goodness!) but did feel tired. My husband assumed that our schedules were causing my fatigue along with my little man not sleeping through the night, as he woke up 2-3 times nightly. My schedule had been hell with me working until 1-2am and then taking care of the little guy when he awoke. Grueling. I dismissed the only sign I have when I am pregnant. Week 3 came and I was getting pissed at my body. I was so annoyed that my period hadn’t come, I was tired, and that I had missed my ovulation date somehow. It wasn’t until I attended my workout that week (this past week).

I’m usually very strong and energetic in my workouts. That day I had no energy, dragged myself to class and actually had several thoughts of getting up and leaving class before it ended as I could hardly workout. I headed home depressed and practically falling asleep in my car. I get home to find a cranky 17 month old and I lost it. I vented on my husband for about 10 minutes ranting about my schedule, my lack of sleep, the little man being up constantly at night, not being pregnant, and being depressed/fatigued over everything going on. He calmed me down and we tried to figure out a new schedule. In the middle of discussing things I decided I had to go to the bathroom and took off for my bedroom. As I ran, I found myself thinking, “Awe, just take a quick test to rule out that you’re not pregnant. I know I’m not but it will at least verify that everything my husband is saying is right and I can plan out this new schedule with him.” So, I took a digital test. I didn’t even look at the reading other than seeing the timer tick away in that initial moment. I laid it on the counter upside down, washed my hands and cleaned up my area around the sink. I washed my face and put some clothes away. Then I remembered the test. I went over to the counter completely non-excited and turned the test over to find ‘Pregnant’ on the stick. I gasped and ran out to my husband and threw it to him. He gasped as well and we both stood there dumbfounded staring at each other. We were in shock. How did getting pregnant slip by us and how did I not register that I was pregnant when I was late? Well, I went back to my chart and notes. Here’s the best I can come up with.

After Oct. 7th we slowed up on the sex. We had sex about every other day and then it got to be random as we thought we had conceived back on the 3rd. On Oct. 12th and 15th my temperature spiked again. I didn’t mark whether we did or didn’t have sex around those two days but we were having sex. As I was late on the 19th and there was no sign of pregnancy we couldn’t have conceived nor could I have ovulated on the 3rd. Same would have been true for the spike in temperature on the 7th. On either account they would have registered pregnant by the 19th. So, my best guess is that we conceived either on the 12th or the 15th, which would have given a negative reading on the 16th and the 19th as the hCG hormone wouldn’t have kicked in to register until either the 21st or the 24th. I know I couldn’t have gotten pregnant after the 19th due to us taking a week and a half break and not having sex again until Oct. 30. It is the only explanation I can come up with and it makes the most sense.

I have changed my doctor’s appointment from Nov. 12th to Nov. 24th as there is no rush to get in to see him. I now have to explain this to him and convince him not to go off the first day of my last period. If I conceived on Oct. 12th or 15th, then my due date should be around July 18th. Going off my last period will skew the due date back to around June 25th. If my doctor goes off of that and not when I actually conceived then he’ll begin pushing to induce on July 2nd. If you think about how they come up with due dates it is totally ridiculous. They go off of the first day of your last period and then count the week of your period and then the week after your period before you ovulate. That is 2 extra weeks tacked on to the amount of weeks that you are pregnant when you weren’t pregnant at all. If you go off that then technically I’m 7 weeks pregnant! When in reality, I haven’t been pregnant for that long and am about 4 weeks pregnant based off of my ovulation being late. But do you see how this can cause a major problem in determining the due date? It is then 3 weeks off. 3 Weeks is a pretty significant time period. Now, they can always adjust it based on the measurement of the baby. When you start to show they begin taking measurements of your belly and can determine roughly how far along you are. So, this will help.

Bottom line, I’m pregnant and it goes to show how much of a job it is to actually get pregnant! Now I have to determine what day I’m on to begin our days again in moving forward!

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  1. Danielle

    Do you go to a midwife or a obgyn?

    November 7, 2009 at 4:31 pm
  2. admin

    Currently, I’m seeing my ob but I did see both on the last pregnancy. I was set to do a home tub birth but then tested positive for the strep b virus. My husband was freaked out by that and so I gave in and ended up having my son at the hospital so that I could have the double dose of penicillin. Other than the penicillin I gave birth naturally and actually delivered him myself with my doctor watching. I would have loved the tub birth but at least my doctor respected my wishes and stayed back to allow me to fully give birth without his assistance.
    Of course my ob did not know that I was seeing a midwife simultaneously. If he had known he would have not have seen me anymore. How is it where you live? Will your ob dump you upon finding out that you are seeing a midwife?

    November 13, 2009 at 11:44 pm

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