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The pregnancy is going great. I’m feeling awesome, and I saw my chiropractor yesterday. Dr. Rick works at Family First Chiropractic here in Reno. When we initially began looking for a chiropractor we wanted to make sure we found a place that took care of us as a whole family. Family First Chiropractic does just that. They specialize in children and adults. Unlike some other chiropractors that just start cracking your back the minute you walk in the door, Family First Chiro. does a thorough check-up then proceeds when they have a full understanding of what your back looks like and any issues that could be a problem. Before seeing my husband and I, they ran a series of x-rays on each of us and then proceeded to readjust us on the second visit. Not only do they take care of us but their work with children is amazing. I took my little man there 7 days after he was born and have been taking him there ever since. Working on infants is not what you think. Babies bones are so soft that they just have to push on them to get them back into alignment. As the infant grows into a toddler they begin to use an adjuster for the neck that hangs around the chiropractor’s neck; the toddler’s head is pressed into it for a brief moment for the adjustment.

Seeing a chiropractor as soon as an infant is born is extremely important. A newborn baby that has been delivered vaginally has basically gone through a car crash. They have been pushed and pulled in many directions and their bones are thrown out of place. If left unattended, this can cause several problems for a newborn. If tended to within days of being born infants can be healthier, improve their immune system, and steer clear of being colicky.

As most of this involves subluxation, which I cannot accurately define as I’m not a chiropractor, I do have many articles that can discuss the problems associated with infants that can be fixed or helped with a chiropractor’s adjustment. I also ran across a chiropractic massage that is changing the way people see chiropractors; this chiropractor can cure colicky babies in a matter of weeks: Any parent who has experienced a colicky child knows the pain and long nights of being up with an infant and the dire need to find a cure. Regular visits to a chiropractor can cure colic. If an infant goes untreated it can lead to constipation problems at a young age and then bowel problems as an adult. My niece was one such child. When she was an infant she had severe colic for the first 6-9 months of her life. Screaming in pain from about 4pm and then into the night every night. Then she “grew” out of it. Around age 4 she began having major problems with constipation. She would scream out of pain after not taking a bowel movement for 3-4 days. It was awful. I kept trying to get my sister to see a chiropractor but she was scared for her daughter as she didn’t trust them. Finally, at age 6 she broke down and took her as a last resort. Voila! Within about 3 sessions she noticed that her daughter was feeling better and starting to have fewer problems with constipation. It has now been 1.5 years and her daughter is completely cured. The chiropractor told her that if she had brought her daughter in upon birth that he could have eliminated the colic and would have prevented the constipation. Now my sister is a firm believer of seeing a chiropractor upon birth and she tries to get everyone we know to do so!

I’ve posted some great links to articles all related to the problems a chiropractor can help with upon the birth of your baby. Please read through them below and take my advice. See a chiropractor as soon as you can take your infant, or call your chiropractor upon delivery. If they are like my chiropractor they will drive to the hospital and adjust them before you leave.

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