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15 weeks 6 days – Blogging

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Happy belated holidays! I apologize for my absence but we were out of town and it has taken me over a week to get caught up with unpacking the 6 full luggage bags, washing and putting away all of the clothes, cleaning the house, putting away the Christmas decorations, tending to a 19-month-old who is clingy with 3 molars coming in at once, and, oh yeah, I had to work. Lots to do and no time to blog. But I’m back and with a vengeance.

I’m not complaining but sharing my ignorance to starting a blog. I had no idea how time-consuming and brain racking keeping up a blog was! I love doing this but it is work. I don’t like to share information without having either some other sites to reference or a good fact-based explanation to a question. I don’t feel like I am doing my duty if I don’t put my heart into this and provide you with the best information I can find. Doing so requires not just a quick “sit down and answer,” but usually a couple of hours or more to make sure my facts are accurate and that I have legit sites for support. Therefore, this process can be daunting and challenging most days. Upon arriving back from my holiday I felt a great urge to get my ideas down on this blog; they are so important to me and I hope that they are ideas and ideals that are important to you, as well.

One thing that has held me back with my blog is all of the spam comments. I will literally get 400-500 spam comments on my site per day! I know nothing about stopping this and it takes up a lot of my time to have to read through every comment and find that they’re just spam. Can anyone out there help me with this? How are the spammers even finding me? I didn’t know this could happen to blogs.

I’m off now to take care of the spam. I have so much to write about this week and I will be hard at work to make sure I live up to my own expectations and the expectations you may have for reading a blog on a consistent basis. I don’t want to disappoint anyone and I truly believe the information I share is important to those out there who are interested in being as prepared as possible for a birth, especially a natural and toxin-free pregnancy.

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