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I didn’t sleep so well last night. I went to bed not feeling great after my husband made us a watercress salad for dinner that included navy beans. Apparently, the beans took their toll on us. In addition, my left hip keeps slipping out and rotating causing me to have pain near my tail bone, and I hyperextended my left knee, which caused me to limp. So, there I was with my massive body pillow, propping up my legs, sleeping on my left side to help the circulation and having gut pains from dinner. It was a lovely sight.

Today I was tired and started to do some research regarding the hip issue. What can I do, as going to my chiropractor only helps for a few hours before it slips out again? Why do pregnant women have so many back and hip issues?

It’s simple: the body is obviously changing, organs are being pushed around to make room for the growing baby, your hips begin to spread to hold the weight of the baby and prep for childbirth, your rib cage spreads and can even pop some of your ribs out of place (this happened to me but didn’t cause any pain), and the hormone relaxin begins to be released. Relaxin relaxes and loosens your joints and ligaments to help everything move while the baby grows ( That hormone is one of the biggest reasons why I can’t get my hip to stay in place. This is a concern, as I work out 5 days a week. If you know your body isn’t in alignment, then strengthening muscles while they are out will only add problems down the line; it will become harder and harder for the bones to stay in place with the muscles improperly strengthening around bones that aren’t where they should be.

What can be done? Taking prenatal yoga classes can help a lot. Yoga will help stretch out tight muscles and can help you naturally align yourself. It also helps as other pregnant women are there and you can discuss solutions with one another. Seeing a chiropractor during your pregnancy is a huge must and can drastically help with the aches and pains. They will be able to help with popped ribs, sciatic pain, back pain, and any other parts that are out of alignment. I see my chiropractor on a regular basis. Typically, you’ll want to see them once a month through your 2nd trimester and then see them every other week, then eventually every week when you get close to your due date. I saw mine that way during my first pregnancy. As you get closer to the due date the more items seem to slip out of place. That is not the case with this pregnancy. Everything that hit in my 8th month has surfaced in my 3rd month and is now increasing in pain and having a harder time staying in place once adjusted. So, I began looking for alternative ways to help keep my hip in place once adjusted and between visits.

I found some great braces for the hips and for women with varicose vein issues and back pain. Although they look like they will work for stabilizing the hips, I don’t know if they will keep my hip in place with the problem I’m having. Here is one that seems to be everywhere but I question if it is enough: Here is another that is for hernia issues but looks like it would do the trick:

I wish I knew for sure as everything I’m seeing is an investment and I don’t want to try out a bunch of different models. I just have to pick one and order. I will make my decision tomorrow and will follow up with how well it works. Wish me luck!

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