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I’m over 16 weeks pregnant now, roughly 4 months pregnant, and definitely showing already. Everyone is right, you ‘pop’ so much sooner on your second pregnancy. I’m tall and it took me until about 6 months pregnant to look the way I currently look during my first pregnancy. I don’t mind, though, I actually like it as I feel as though I have a beer belly the first few months. I’d rather be sticking out and obviously pregnant than feel like I just look fat and bloated.

When you begin to ‘pop’ you start to think about the maternity clothing. Yuck. From what I have found, the cute stuff is expensive and the ugly stuff is cheap. Target carries some cool stuff but you still feel just huge sometimes, and you don’t want to purchase several sizes of clothes over your pregnancy to accommodate for your ever-expanding waist. As bras seem to shrink, shirts get tighter, and pants become more uncomfortable, you’d think there would be a better solution after all of these years. Your size can vary so much from 3-4 months to 6-7 months and then again during your last few months. You don’t want to have to buy clothes for each transition. It’s a lot of money shopping for stuff you wear only a few times. I’m thrifty and only want to spend what I absolutely need to when pregnant.

Here’s what I do. I invest in some really cute low rise jeans. I found some great jeans at the store Buckle, which offers brands like Star, Buckle, and Lucky jeans. They can run from $80-$100 a pair and I purchased 3-4 pairs. That can be expensive but I have my reasons for my investment. These are not maternity pants. If you go to Motherhood or A Pea in the Pod, the maternity clothes can run you 2-3 times as much for 7 For All Mankind maternity jeans. While I like that brand it is just too much for a pair of jeans with a huge elastic waist that you only wear for a few months! YUCK! First, you feel gross wearing them, and, second, you mentally feel fat while you grow into them and while losing the weight after the birth. For me, I really believe that the mental side of being pregnant has to be looked at on a sensitive level; no one enjoys the aftermath of losing the weight or putting it on during pregnancy and the massive elastic waistband jeans do not help any. This is why I purchase low rise cute jeans. I never bought one pair of maternity pants during my first pregnancy. So, how did I do that?

For me it was easy. Even now at 4 months pregnant I’m wearing those same low rise jeans that conveniently fit under my belly. At about 5-6 months I’ll lose the belt I’m wearing and add a belly band. Who ever invented the belly band was a genius. You can purchase these just about anywhere now. 2 years ago I could only order them online or drive to San Francisco to pick them up. They’re now at Target and Walmart. They have really shot up in popularity and this is why: you do not need to buy maternity jeans. You buy regular jeans then pull this belly band over your pants and belly. The band acts just like the elastic band on the maternity pants but has a better feel, is smoother and you can determine how you want to wear it. As you get bigger you lose your belt, add the belly band and as you grow you can unbutton and unzip your jeans and use the belly band as a huge elastic belt. The bigger it gets the more you can unbutton and unzip and the band holds everything in place. Once you deliver the band is tighter than the elastic maternity pants and helps you hold everything in and not feel lost in your over stretched out maternity pants. As you lose weight the band shrinks down and you don’t feel like you are still in maternity pants as you are just in regular jeans at all times. The band works on shorts and skirts and comes in fun colors so that you can wear t-shirts over them and use the band as an extra under layer for a fashion statement. You are not stuck with having to cover the blue or generic tan looking maternity elastic that can be embarrassing if your shirt isn’t long enough to hide it with regular maternity pants. The belly band looks nothing like that and no one ever knows. Plus, you feel good being in regular jeans!

As for shirts, I again bought very few ‘maternity’ shirts during my last pregnancy. I ended up going to Old Navy, Costco, Target, and American Eagle and buying their cute t-shirts. First off, they are long. Second off, they expand and shrink back to normal size after you wash them. The only ‘maternity’ shirts I ended up buying were for work. I had to have a couple of shirts for meetings. Other than work, you can wear normal cotton shirts before, during, and after pregnancy and still feel cute; you’re not confined to an endless amount of empire waist, tie back clothing. Summer is even easier with wearing tank tops, and you aren’t spending a fortune on ‘maternity’ shirts. We all know that women’s clothes cost more than men’s, and once the word ’maternity’ is added, the price skyrockets. We don’t need that. No one says we can’t still buy the cute stuff in bigger sizes and pay the cheaper amount!

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