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16 Weeks 7 days – Prenatal Yoga

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On Saturday I began my prenatal yoga classes! I’m not an expert at yoga nor do I practice it on a regular basis, but I do recognize its importance, especially when pregnant. I did take prenatal yoga during my first pregnancy and am again taking it for my second. On the first pregnancy I began my prenatal yoga around 5-6 months into my pregnancy. After I began I realized that I should have been taking it sooner as it greatly helped me focus and stretch and connect with the baby. This time around I started at my 4th month. Again, I could have taken it sooner but I just didn’t have the time to do so with work and with my little man, so this was the soonest I could begin.

I love prenatal yoga. First off, you get to connect with a bunch of other pregnant women and share (before and after class) anything and everything that has to do with being pregnant. Second, the stretching and exercise is great for you and the baby. It really makes you feel more one-on-one with your child and you are working together towards better health. Third, the meditation at the end of yoga gives you maybe the one and only time in the day where you can just focus on you and the baby. It is sheer heaven. Those 5-10 minutes are the best minutes to just reflect, focus on your affirmations, and envision the outcome you want to see in labor. Meditation like this should be a daily habit for any body. To envision the baby in the correct position, the length of your labor, the kind of labor you are going to have, the delivery of the baby, and the aftermath are key to having a great birth. The more you visualize what you want the better the chances are that you will have that kind of birth.

For those of you who can find a prenatal yoga class nearby, I would highly recommend attending. You don’t need yoga experience and the classes are light compared to a regular yoga class. For those of you who are too self-conscious or don’t have a class near home, here are some great poses you can do at home:

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