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Good Morning! So, I temped in today at 97.7. Still remaining high.

I woke up this morning with an overwhelming need to talk about the whole temperature taking method.

There are so many ways of getting pregnant. You can just have sex every day and eventually you’ll hit on your ovulation day. You can watch your discharge (Cervical mucus method) and that will give you signs of when you might be ovulating. You can buy kits to tell you when you are ovulating. You can track the number of days of each menstrual cycle for months on end and then try the Calendar method by using math to add and subtract days to determine your most fertile day. Or you can watch your temperature, the basal body temperature method.

This concept was explained to me years ago by my friend, Alecia, when she was trying to conceive. Years later, I had forgotten about the temperature method. I began like most people, just having sex anytime, or whenever I thought I was ovulating. I was so wrong. It was more difficult to get pregnant than we had planned. For years you are scared into believing that getting pregnant is easy, it can happen on having sex the first time, and that it can happen at any moment, when in reality you only have a small window to conceive each month. I was one of the ignorant ones. I thought, “Let’s just have sex and we’ll get pregnant. How hard can it be?” Harder than I thought. I was completely misreading my body and never paid enough attention in Biology class to know when the ovulation window occurred. Come to think about it, if we had a class in high school devoted to thoroughly explaining how to get pregnant, and how to read your body and take your temperature, I believe we’d have more women and young girls educated thoroughly and would have less high school pregnancies and abortions. Just my opinion. What do I know?

After trying for almost a year, my doctor clued me in on the basal body temperature method. For those of you interested, it is really easy. As soon as you get up in the morning, before you pee or brush your teeth, take your temperature and write it down. You can start this on the last day of your menstrual cycle or the day after you end. You then take it every morning and chart it. The best way to do it is to have the thermometer next to your bed and, according to my doctor, check your temperature before one foot hits the ground. Over the course of the next week or so you’ll see your temperature rise and fall. Then all of a sudden it will spike very high. For me, this happens exactly 7 days after my cycle ends. When you see your temperature spike, that is your sign that you are ready. You can technically conceive 2-3 days before the spike occurs and up to 24 hours after it occurs. You continue to chart your temperature and when your temperature remains high for 18 consecutive days, you are pregnant.

Here is a great website with a basal body temperature chart that you can download:

You’ll want to try this out a few times just to figure out where your normal body temperature stands. Mine is really low, as I begin charting my temperature in the 95 degree area. Once you’ve identified your ‘normal,’ you will know instantly when it spikes. I hope this information helps anyone who is trying to conceive.

Happy trying!

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