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As I’m having so many issues with my hip and varicose veins, I have started my massages early and more frequently on this pregnancy. I started getting massages around 7 months on my first pregnancy. This time I started at 3.5 months. Massages can be a life saver and a great way to escape some of the issues you are having, plus get an hour to yourself.


  • Reduces stress levels
  • Eases back and foot pain caused by changes in posture
  • Reduces swelling of feet and ankles
  • Improves skin elasticity, reducing stretch marks
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves digestion
  • Relaxes and soothes baby
  • Reduces pelvic pain
  • You’ll want to find a good massage therapist that has been trained in prenatal massages. Just like anything else, you’ll want to interview the therapists before you choose one. I interviewed 4 different therapists and received a massage from each. 2 were good, 1 was okay, and 1 was awesome. I chose to go with the awesome one, who also happened to be an herbalist. Not only does she massage me but she does leg strengthening exercises and recommends herbal remedies for some of my issues.

    You can receive prenatal massages as soon as you are ready. Some people will tell you to wait until after your first trimester and other will say go for it as soon as you find out. This is your choice. If you trust your massage therapist then you shouldn’t have any problems going during your first trimester. As long as they are properly trained they will avoid the pressure points that can throw you into labor or cause a miscarriage (see my links below for further info).

    You can expect to either lie face down on a special stomach pillow or on your side with a body pillow that you can rest your upper leg on—you should have a choice in this. If the therapist doesn’t give you a choice or tells you they can’t accommodate you, they are not the right therapist. You should receive a full body massage either way. If they only do certain parts of your body or just give you an upper back massage then it is up to you to find another therapist who will give you a full body massage if that’s what you prefer.

    You can take your own oil with you. As they sometimes use toxic oils with mineral oil in them, you can take your own and ask them to use yours. I take coconut oil. It feels amazing and no one has ever complained about using it on me in a massage. Find something you like and request that they use your oil.

    How much does it cost? Sessions can run between $65-$100 per session or more. However, most therapists will offer package deals. My therapist runs $78 per session but offers a discount if you buy a package of 15. The package then drops the price down to $58 a session and can be paid in installments. When you are going twice a month and will eventually end up going once a week near the end, a package like this can really save you.

    Massages can do wonders after a pregnancy. My therapist used hot stones on my stomach to promote fat burning and to help strengthen my abs back to their original shape. I notice a significant difference in weight loss the week after I would see her when compared to a week I didn’t see her. It can also help with bloating, tiredness, stress relief, promote circulation, relieve back pain, and much more.

    If nothing else, getting a massage will give that one moment of peace in the day where you can be pampered and just say ahhhhh!

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