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I just heard of this and am so excited that someone in my prenatal yoga class shared this with us. As I only have one child and have been thinking about ways to help him adjust to when the new baby comes home, I hadn’t really thought about how he is going to respond to me breastfeeding the baby. A woman brought up the Breast Feeding Box and the room full of women went nuts to the idea.

What it is is a box that you put together for your older child or children. They would each get one if you have more than one kid. Inside the box are items that explain breast feeding, fun books they can read, coloring books, toys that are special to them, maybe a movie or short cartoon, and if you can find a nursing stuffed animal like a mama cat or dog, that would be an added plus. You can then decorate the box according to the child’s likes and tastes to make it special. Then when it is time to nurse the new baby you give your child(ren) the special mommy-made boxes and they have about 20 minutes or so to play with what is inside. This should help keep them busy wile you are nursing and give you some one-on-one time with your new little one without being disrupted by a kid(s) running around screaming, getting into cupboards, or throwing a tantrum while you are devoting your time to the new addition. Once you are done nursing, all of the items go back into the box and placed out of reach until you have to nurse again. Once a month you change out some of the items to make it new. You can do this routine for as long as you like or until your child(ren) becomes comfortable with you nursing and can leave you alone.

After hearing about this idea I started researching other ways to keep my little one content while nursing. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Tell an oral story

2. Play a verbal game

3. Place stories on an iPod for them to listen to

4. Read a story to them

5. Give them a snack  This link is awesome! It gives you a picture you can follow of what you can put into the box, plus it gives a list of the books and their ISBN numbers, and even some links online, to make it easier to purchase them. All of the items listed are dealing with a new baby or nursing for young ones. Look near the end of the link and it gives more ideas of how you can introduce nursing to little ones before the baby is born.

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