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18 Weeks 4 days

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I saw my specialist this week to get my in-depth ultrasound. As I am over 35 years old, this comes with the territory. I had my full quad screening done a little over a week ago and the results were present at my visit. Those results came back with the risks of a Down syndrome child being in the standard risk range for my age. This really just gave me new odds of having a Down syndrome child. Not that I will have one, but as I am older the risks are a little higher. To me the 1 in X factor didn’t seem like it was a possibility as the number still seemed high to me. So, we proceeded to have the ultrasound that checked the femur length, arm length, heart, bladder, amount of amniotic fluid, and so on. All of these items revealed where every normal healthy baby should be at at this stage in the pregnancy. Once the ultrasound was complete, we were given the option to have an amniocentesis performed to be 100% sure that we were not having a Down syndrome baby. An amnio will allow the lab to view and compare the chromosomes and will come back with 100% accurate results.

As we knew what we were in for based on the amnio we had with our little man, we chose not to have it done this time. There is a 1 in 1200 risk that the amnio would cause a miscarriage. I personally would be highly upset if I found out that my baby was perfectly normal and that I accidentally caused a miscarriage and lost the baby anyway. Our tests results came back a little off on our first child and as we only had the quad screening to base our decision on, we chose to have the amnio. This time we had the two blood tests to study, and our quad was in the proper range that it should’ve been, unlike our first child. Everything looked great in the ultrasound and so we opted to not do the amnio.

Besides the obvious screening for Down syndrome, you are also able to find out the sex of the child at this time. On our first child there was no question about it, we were going to find out the sex. This time around we chose differently. I already have a ton of baby stuff in neutral colors for the first view months, as well as a neutral baby’s room. All I want is a happy and healthy baby. So, we are waiting to find out the sex. This was an easy choice for me but one that took some convincing for my husband. It helped that two couples we are close to did not find out the sex of any of their kids. My husband did finally warm up to the idea and now we just have to deal with family members who are disappointed. To them I say, tough. I am loving the excitement and anticipation of finding out. Not only are we waiting on the sex but we believe in waiting to announce the baby’s name when they are born and not beforehand. This was a very exciting thing for us for our first child as we made a game out of it for all our family and friends. 2 weeks before the baby was due we began giving clues to the first and middle name. Shortly before birth a family member did figure out the name but was sworn to secrecy. This time will be a bit different as we will have not one, but two names, to withhold  and only one name will be the winner. We’ll have to see how this plays out near the end of the pregnancy.

Lastly, this month the baby doubled in size growing from 3 inches to 6 inches, and based on the ultrasound they are guessing the baby weighs about 8 oz. This is a very exciting month so far. :)

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