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If you are just tuning in now, please go back and read part 1 and 2 of this blog before continuing on.

That last week seemed to fly yet drag at the same time. How contradictory? Haven’t you ever had a week where you realized that it is already Wednesday and you’re going, “What happened to Monday and Tuesday? Boy, the week is flying.” However, during the day it just seemed to drag on moment by moment. The minute it wasn’t dragging it was flying. Weird, but that is how that week went.

On Wednesday we had a doctor’s appointment to check on the baby and discuss what to do as we were now a week late. I am not into artificially inducing as the body and the baby, for the most part, are not ready. The size and due dates can be inaccurate. I believe you should wait and let your body and baby tell you when they are ready. Yes, this doesn’t always work for all women. There are cases where the baby is too big or there are complications. I understand that and know that you might have to have special treatment due to your circumstances. However, I also believe in waiting and being smart about your choices. In my case, my doctor wanted to induce and I was actually listening to him, can you believe that? You never know what you are going to do or think when the doctor is suggesting inducing and his reasons. For about 15 minutes I was in his full control. In the back of my mind I was saying, “This isn’t what I want or what I had planned. I don’t want to do this.” Yet, I was shaking my head in agreeance and hoping that we would be scheduled out far enough that I could begin self-inducing and naturally bring the baby on my own.

The hospital was booked on Thursday and Friday afternoon my doctor was going out of town. Sound like a movie? You wait your whole pregnancy and plan your birth plan with your doctor to hear that he is going out of town right around your due date. With that being said he also warned me that the one and only doctor that I didn’t want to deliver the baby would be on call from Friday through Monday. Great. I was so ready in my mind to deliver at home, should I go into labor on Friday night. We ended up being scheduled to be induced on the following Monday.

We left the doctor’s office and I was in tears.  I remember sitting in shock in the car and we just sat holding hands. My husband turned into the most supportive person and tried to rationalize out the scheduled inducing and how this was what was needed for the baby. He also encouraged me that we could have the baby anytime and that we could easily go into labor before Monday and still have the natural childbirth that I had wanted. We had 4 days.  My goals suddenly shifted and refocused from work and stress to self inducing and setting my mind to have this baby by Friday.  I agreed with him and told him to head home and let me do some research to see what all I could do to bring on the labor. After some research and calling my massage therapist and my acupuncturist, I scheduled a labor inducing massage and we headed out to buy a new pair of running shoes as we were going to be going on a nice long hike on Thursday (to read more about the self inducing and details of Thursday click here).  Thursday came and went with every natural means of self inducing being performed and by 11:30 pm my contractions began. I slept through the majority of the contractions until 2:30 am Friday morning when they began getting too intense. We were at the hospital by 5 am and at 9:51 am my little man was born, 7lbs 15 oz and 22 inches long.

To be continued…

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