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I’m a little over 19 weeks pregnant and have been feeling the little butterfly flutters of the baby for about 2 weeks now. I am constantly feeling with my hands to find out if I can feel it on the outside yet. It is the most amazing feeling and one that is so hard for a woman to explain to a man or to someone who hasn’t been pregnant. We can feel these early movements internally sooner than you can feel them on the outside. It is a very definite feeling of something moving inside of you.

My husband is a little jealous that he can’t feel the baby yet. Not in a bad way, he is just so eager to interact with the baby in the womb. He’ll sit and put his hand on my belly, waiting for the slightest movement. Last night he was so intense and kept trying to feel for the movement that I was feeling, without any luck. Don’t worry honey, it’ll happen soon enough.

When you can begin to feel the baby inside it won’t be long before you will feel them kicking from the outside. Between month 4 and 5 the baby doubles in size from about 3 inches to about 6 inches in length and will weigh roughly 8 oz. That is about the length of your hand. During this growing phase a mother can begin to experience the butterfly movements of the baby. Once they double in size it isn’t too long before you’ll be able to feel them moving on the outside as well.

You can begin to bond with the baby at anytime. By 17 weeks their hearing has developed and they can hear your heartbeat and the sound of the amniotic fluid whooshing around them. I’m sure you’ve heard them say to talk to the baby, sing to the baby, read stories to the baby, and rub your belly—all ways to bond with your baby. They can hear you talk. They become very in tune to the mother’s voice. This can be a very calming thing for them, especially if you are speaking to them and rubbing your belly. Singing is also a calming action. I’ve read to begin singing lullabies to them in the womb as this will help calm them once born. It will be a familiar and soothing sound. An example of this: my sister loved a certain song and played it nonstop while she was pregnant. When the baby was born she was very colicky. One of the only things that helped in her worst fits of a colic rage was playing that particular song over and over again. To this day that song is very calming to her daughter who is now in grade school.

I never put a lot of thought into rubbing the belly, but now I do all of the time. I take a moment to think about the baby and rub my belly while talking to him or her. The baby can feel that vibration and energy of the soft caressing touch, a loving gesture from mom. This is a great way to bond and show them that you love them, even before you are able to hold them. I had a woman in my Pilates class tell me today to take pictures of my husband, myself, and the baby’s siblings and rub them face-down against the belly while speaking of who the baby is going to meet when they arrive and what each person looks like. What a cool thing to try!

That same woman also told me more about passing loving energy to the baby. Now, I understand and fully believe in the power of energy. From negative to positive, energy can really affect how we act towards ourselves and to others around us. We feed on energy from others just as we feed on the energy that food gives us. If we eat food with bad energy in it we’ll feel bad for the rest of the day. If we eat food that is healthy for us and a positive energy, we’ll feel the great effects of it as well. We can pass our energy to our baby in the same manner. Not only from eating good energy-filled foods, but by taking a moment to re-center and give the baby some positive energy. For those of you who have taken yoga  you’ll know that you can focus all of your energy into the center of your heart chakra. Focusing all of your energy to your heart will help you be more balanced and centered. For those of you who don’t know or understand how to do this here’s a great link to guide you: Now when you take your hands away from your heart in the meditation, instead of placing them on your knees or to your sides, take some of the energy and visualize it in each hand as a ball of energy, more like love energy. Then place one hand on top of your belly and the other hand underneath your belly and pass that energy to your baby. They will feel the love energy that you are passing through to them. What a great way to bond.

Anything you do with love and focused energy on the baby will only help you to bond with them, as well as help others around you bond with them, too. Pick something and try it. You’ll be surprised that after awhile your baby will start to respond back and begin bonding with you.,,h1mp,00.html

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