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Example of Couples Yoga

My husband and I went to couples Prenatal Yoga today. We did the same with our first child and are now starting it sooner with the same yoga instructor, Mandy, at Yoga Loka here in Reno. We love Mandy and we love our class. The class is offered once a month on the first Friday of the month. Couples show up and everything you need is there at the studio.

You start the class by sharing who you are, how far along you are, and anything you think is pertinent to a couples class. Then your spouse shares his name and anything else he’d like to contribute. After everyone in the class has done this, the class begins. Mandy walks us through several poses such as the warrior, child’s pose, and downward dog. Some of the poses we do on our own and some poses we do face to face with our spouse.

My husband and I get nervous and giddy when we have to ’stare’ into each others eyes and move into a stance and then hold it for up to a minute. Everything is accepted during class and so our little giggles are tolerated as various forms of releasing stress; don’t forget, laughing is one of the best ways to relax. Mandy always says, “A relaxed face is a relaxed cervix.” Her goal is to get us to be as relaxed as possible. Some people breathe heavier, some give horse lips, and others of us giggle. Whatever helps us relax is accepted and welcomed. My husband and I really seem to bond during class. You can never be mad or stay mad at someone when you are having to use them to balance and stare into their eyes and concentrate; eventually one of us breaks down laughing or making funny jokes under their breath.

The class is great as it helps stretch out everything that pregnant woman need to stretch out. It really helps my hip, and it’s a wonderful way to end the day. It is also great for husbands who can be just as stressed as their wives and need a way of getting rid of the tension.  Because of the closeness and the interaction with couples, this is a great way to spend some quality time together and focus on each other. You can never get enough bonding time between couples, especially when a new baby is on the way. We go to bed relaxed, loose, and loving each other. I encourage anyone who is pregnant to take a couples prenatal yoga class. You’ll be happy you did.

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