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Many women have no idea of the toxins that are contained in makeup. I wish more people thought about their health rather than making themselves beautiful. I wish society pushed for health over beauty. That would be in a perfect world and we know we don’t live in a perfect world, but we can make the choice to make good decisions for ourselves and fight for our health. The FDA does little to regulate chemicals in our lives until major health concerns arise and people are either hurt or die from the chemicals. This is a major concern in the cosmetics industry.

For those of you women who do pay attention to this you know that it’s nothing new. There are more harmful chemicals in makeup than in any other products you put on your body. Women wear makeup constantly. I for one, do not as I work from home. However, the majority of our female population goes through a time period where makeup is a staple in their lives. Some women never leave that time period. Others evolve and don’t wear it all of the time or wear less of it as they get older. We hit this need to be beautiful sooner as society deems a younger age each year due to role models our young girls follow; as a result, we see more and more preteens wearing makeup than ever before. Little girls are taught to wear makeup at a young age as they watch their mommy put it on and then watch their idols on TV who are always beautiful…and always wearing makeup. We are taught that makeup can make us more attractive and appealing to the opposite sex.

Preteens are becoming hormonal at younger ages due to the hormones and chemicals they are consuming. If only we were taught what was in these beauty products that could harm or potentially kill us.

Makeup is highly toxic. It has only been in the past few years that people have begun to really research and be more aware of the health concerns revolving around makeup. Studies now show that women can absorb up to 5 lbs of makeup a year. This coming from studies done in Europe where they have a more stringent chemical and toxin policy than here in the US. In fact, companies in the US cannot sell to Europe unless they meet the EU’s standards. “The FDA has banned just nine chemicals from cosmetics compared to the European Union which has banned more than 1,000″, More and more advocacy groups are coming out with information on the chemicals placed in makeup that, while small in doses and seemingly harmless upon applying it to your skin (note how many women have reactions to these seemingly harmless products), can have major effects on the body as they build up the toxins in your system over years of use. Just like using Windex without gloves, you don’t notice any instant side effects, but you don’t know what it is doing internally. You would never wash your face with Windex, but we will wash our face with chemicals that are in face washes and cover our face for hours in chemical based makeup that is absorbed right into our skin. For some reason we overlook makeup and think that it is safe because it makes us look pretty and we can buy it anywhere. We forget that it has just as many chemicals, if not more, than some of the cleaning products in our homes.

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