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Temped in at 97.9 today! Staying high!

I had planned on talking about prenatal vitamins today and then I had my friend, Amy, remind me of the luteal phase, which I had completely forgotten to talk about! So, I’m putting off the vitamins until tomorrow.

The luteal phase is the phase between the day of ovulation or the day after you ovulate (I’ve seen it calculated both ways) and the first day of your next period. It is also referred to as “days past ovulation” or “DPO.”

During the luteal phase a women produces progesterone increasing her temperature.  The higher temperature acts like an incubator which is important in maturing a fertilized egg if conception has occurred.” (

This is important to track as you can again confirm a pregnancy based on when your luteal phase would normally end. It takes a minimum of 10 days for implantation to take place. Therefore, if your luteal phase is 15 days and you are at day 18 without a period, chances are you might be pregnant.

Thank you Amy for reminding me of this today! If I should bypass something obvious, please shoot me a reminder or send me a topic that you want to make sure I discuss on this blog and I’ll get right on it.

Time to tuck my little man into bed…

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