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The Origins product line. I was turned on to this line a few years ago due to it being natural. I was sticker shocked to see the cost, but figured it was worth it for the mostly natural ingredients. I asked several of the workers over the course of years about the naturalness of the products and they insisted it was mostly all-natural, with Dr. Weil’s line being almost completely all-natural. At the time, I didn’t research all of the ingredients; instead, I took their word for it. Why would a company lead you to believe their products were natural in someway if it wasn’t true, especially when they are promoting a famous doctor known for his organic nature and holistic approach to eating right and taking care of your body? If it had Dr. Weil’s name on it I completely trusted to have nothing but the best; I expected the products to live up to his high standards for a healthy lifestyle. Again, I was sorely mistaken.

When I was pregnant with my first child I was given Dr. Weil’s complete product line as a baby gift from my mother-in-law. I was thrilled, and as if the Origins product line wasn’t already expensive enough, Dr. Weil’s product line is even more expensive. The first thing I noticed was that the ingredients list wasn’t on many of the actual products, making it difficult to find out their ingredients after you’ve thrown the product’s box away. This should have been my first clue that something wasn’t right, but I again fell back on the fact that it was Dr. Weil’s product line and he would never put his name on something that wasn’t all-natural, just as it stated. This took place almost 2 years ago before I began heavily researching. Even in the past year, I took the name of products that I initially considered as safe products and did not continue to look at every single product in the line, but rather relied on the first product I researched to set the tone for the rest. This was an ignorant thing for me to do, and similar to what I did with the Bare Minerals line. l took the word of the company or quickly researched the first and foremost product in the line to then later discover that the line had flaws in other areas. Please take my error as one not to follow. Research everything and research it thoroughly.

2 weeks ago I began my investigation on toxins in makeup. It began as a one day blog and turned into over a week of blogs. I uncovered tons of information that I didn’t know, and I ran into several areas that I wanted to expose. This led me to the Cosmetics Database and further fueled my desire to dig deeper into the current items that I thought were safe and was using daily on both my skin and my baby’s. Upon researching the all-natural products I was shocked, jaded, felt betrayed and disappointed with myself that I let some of these major toxins slip by me. I was really distraught over this; I’d been trying so hard to rid my home of toxic items that to find out that I was still using toxic products left me with a disgusted and horrible feeling.

Back to the Origins line. I pulled out some of my products that were still in their boxes and began looking at the ingredients for the first time. Here is what I found.

Dr. Andrew Weil – Plantidote Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion
Most Toxic ingredients – peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, HS 4-6, phenoxyethanol, HS 4, disodium edta, HS 3 and then there were a handful of other ingredients that produced a Hazard Score of 1. My instant shock was any hydrogenated ingredient, and the use of phenoxyethanol. The latter ingredient is one that I personally have a vendetta against and you’ll understand why in my later blogs.

Dr. Andrew Weil – Plantidote Mega-Mushroom Face Cleanser
Most Toxic ingredients - bht, HS 6, phenoxyethanol, HS 4, disodium edta, HS 3, sodium dehydroacetate, HS 2 and then a handful of other ingredients that produced a Hazard Score of 1.

Dr. Andrew Weil – Conditioning lip balm
Most Toxic ingredients – Tocopheryl acetate, HS 4, Citral, HS 6

Origins Dr. Weil moisturizer

Origins Plantidote – Dr. Weil Mega-Mushroom Face Serum

Origins – Grin from year to year
Most Toxic ingredients – methylbaraben, HS 10, propylparaben, HS 5, bht, HS 6, phenoxyethanol, HS 4, titanium dioxide, HS 1-4, disodium edta, HS 3, mica, HS 3

Origins – Pomegranate Wash
Most Toxic ingredients – methylbaraben, HS 10, propylparaben, HS 5, phenoxyethanol, HS 4, disodium edta, HS 3, peg-12 dimethicone, HS 4-6

Those are just the few items I still had on hand and in their original boxes. Some were from Dr. Weil’s line, others were from the regular Origins lines. I don’t even know what to say about this. You can imagine my surprise and disgust. I have a handful more Origins items I later found in drawer that continued with the toxic ingredients. I am not here to tell you what to do. For me I had to take a step back and determine what I felt comfortable putting on my skin. I personally cannot live with putting any toxins on my skin based on my past health issues. This is why these products were so alarming to me, as I had thought I was purchasing toxin-free products. For me, these were all unacceptable. I must have thrown out over $500.00 worth of products last weekend. All brand new and never opened. I will not give them to charity or to friends as I don’t believe in passing on known toxins to others.

So, now I’m on a search for the best all-natural products I can find, from makeups to lotions, to shampoos, to baby products. I hope to have a list soon. Tune in this week to discover what I found in some of my natural baby products and what the manufacturer had to say when I confronted them on phenoxyethenol.

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