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I apologize to all of my readers. The past 2 weeks have been sheer craziness. My husband has been working so much and my little man and I are not dealing with the sudden change as easily as I had hoped. Being 23 weeks pregnant and hormonal, I hadn’t anticipated my husband who had been around us 24/7 now being gone 24/7. This started at the end of January and I hit my breaking point last week.

My husband started another company and he’s really motivated and extremely busy. I am trying to support him and I want him to succeed; I’ve never seen him so enthused about anything before. With that being said, it is taking a toll on those of us at home. I am eating dinners alone with my little man and dealing with him recognizing the change in his daddy. His sleeping pattern has been affected and he’s now insecure about sleeping without saying goodnight to daddy. This has evolved into night after night of putting him to bed between 6-10 times as he cries nonstop, asking for daddy and then not wanting me to leave his room. It is actually heartbreaking to see him turn from being a great sleeper into a “2 hour a night” type,  just because his daddy isn’t here to tuck him in at night. He cries ‘Dada’ over and over again, just missing him. I’ve finally resorted to either rocking him to sleep or laying down next to him. I don’t want either of these scenarios to become a habit, but I need him to sleep. It’s not only affecting what time he gets up in the morning, but also his naps. I have to admit that I have fallen victim to catering to him when he goes to sleep. For one, I’m tired and need him to get to bed in a decent timeframe; two, I can’t stand the 2 hours of nonstop crying; and three, I need to recover from the day and work on my blog! My only free time is when he finally goes to bed. This used to be at 8 pm, but it’s now between 10-11 pm every night. That leaves me worn out and with no time to update this site.

My husband can come in the door between 8-10ish on varied nights. There is no set schedule and I am not one for not having a set schedule. I live by lists and timeframes. My day is organized as such, as well as my week. When the schedule changes, I tend to not be very accommodating. I like habit and routine. This is a huge remnant of my narcolepsy years. Just as ADHD kids need a routine, so do most narcoleptics. We tend to do better knowing what needs to be done each day; when spells occur, we can work around the disruption by getting back to our routines and lists. This helps us maintain our focus when we get disrupted so often. Even after my symptoms disappeared, my habit remained and works quite well for me—especially in a work environment. So, you can see where this new change has me going bonkers; it’s also rubbed off on the little man, and our lives are upside down at the moment. I am now doing my best to come to some understanding of my new schedule. Like I said earlier, I hit my breaking point last week. We had a discussion about it and both realized that we have to sit down and come to some sort of new plan and arrangement that we can both live with. I need to know his goals with his companies and he needs to know where I’m at and my goals with my company and my blog. Then we will work out a month to month schedule allowing for date nights, family time, father and son time, and just relaxing nights doing nothing. This will all work around what he believes to be his work schedule, my work schedule, and the babysitter. We plan on sitting down this week to finalize all of the plans.

That is a quick run down of of where I am currently. I hope you understand my lack of writing last week. I’ve been researching in the process and have a ton of new information to share. I’ll backtrack and catch up on my posts from last week. I have loads of new information and just need time to properly write it all down in a succinct manner. Thank you for your understanding and I promise that I’m now back on track and will have my daily updates up and running this week.

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