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I’ve been asked why I’m devoting so much time to this blog. Well, as I stated in my initial entry, I was plagued by toxins and I discovered freedom after ridding my life of the toxins in my body. Since writing that first entry, my mission has become more focused and poignant. My mission is simple: to help empower women to make a difference in their lives, their families’ lives, and to create a healthy toxin-free lifestyle, hopefully starting before they conceive their first child.

In uncovering some of the toxic ingredients I was reviewing last week, I have had time to really sit down and analyze just what I am doing and were my comfort zone lies when it comes to toxins. What was I personally comfortable with? Products that claim to be all-natural and yet fall into the FDA’s gray area where they can falsely advertise being ‘All Natural’ while still including parabens and phenoxyethanol? One such example is ShiKai All Natural Hand and Body Lotion, which can be purchased at Whole Foods; it’s certified as being organic, yet contains phenoxyethanol. Phenoxyethanol can either be the fruit derived version or the synthetic version; either way, that ingredient is a neurotoxin with a HS of 4. Or how about the Kiss My Face product line? Their moisture hand soap states that ‘This product contains no animal ingredients, no artificial colors or unnecessary chemicals and was not tested on animals.’ Did you pick up on that? ‘unnecessary chemicals.” That’s not to be misread as no chemicals, but just unnecessary, which means that there are chemicals in the ingredients that they feel are necessary. Among those are methyparaben, proplyparaben, and fragrance. Most of the time when they don’t tell you what the fragrance specifically is you can assume it is a phthalate. So even more harmful ingredients in just hand soap! Soap is one of the easiest, most basic things to make and here they are adding chemicals to it. It is just disgusting.

So, where do I stand? Where does my comfort zone lie when it comes to the Hazard Score? It is a zero. Absolutely no Hazard rating. I will admit that I do have 1 or 2 products with a HS of 1 or 2, but I’m in the process of replacing them. That will be difficult as it is my makeup and I haven’t found anything, even in Europe, that can give me a 0 HS. I will continue to search and I hope to have a list of great products in the upcoming weeks to share with you for both mom and baby products.

In moving forward, I refuse to purchase products without reviewing and knowing that every ingredient in the product is safe. This may seem crazy and a bit much, but I won’t jeopardize my health, my husband’s health, or my children’s health again knowing firsthand what toxins in the body can do to someone.

You have to sit down and find out what you are comfortable with. Are you okay to use products that have a Hazard Score of 5 or lower? How about 2 or lower? How about 0? This is your own personal choice. Some of you may say you don’t care and you don’t see an issue with parabens being in your products and that the products you choose may lead to cancer and have a HS of 10. That is your choice. My goal is to create awareness and empower women to take a stand and determine what they believe in when presented with the truth. I would love to help women cleanse themselves of the toxins in their lives and start on a clean path toward a lifestyle that is passed onto their babies, and eventually their children’s own spouses, children and homes. As a woman, you have so much control over the lifestyle you set for your family. Your husband isn’t out there researching cleaning products, purchasing the lotions, shampoos, baby products, makeup, deodorant, food, etc. You are the one doing this. You have the power to make a lifestyle change for your family. If I can help a few of you do this then I will have met my goal.

I have given lists of toxins to watch out for. (Here is a tip: in your cell phone, copy the list over and use it as a reference guide when shopping). I am creating a list of safe products. You know to watch for artificial colors, preservatives, and sweeteners. Just being aware of what you are buying is a huge step. This isn’t an easy transition; it will take time to fully convert. Take one area of your life and make a change. Then add to it. Start with your cleaning products, then move to all shampoos in the house, then lotions, then makeup, etc. Doing one at a time is not so tough. This might take you months to do. For me, I’m still detoxing even after 2 years of cleaning out my house. Just when you think you’ve done it all, something new pops up. As long as you are actively trying that is better than just ignoring it. Toxins in our society will not go away anytime soon. Choose your comfort level and begin detoxing yourself and your home today.

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