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Let me just say that this blog will continue over the course of several days as I’ve uncovered so much information, it would take you forever to read it in just one blog. I know people are busy and that you want a quick read; as such, I try to keep my blogs to about a 900 word average. Here it goes: one of my longest research investigations to date.

As promised I told you I would later fill you in on the ever so popular ingredient Phenoxyethanol. If you walk through your bathroom and pull out shampoo, lotion, shaving cream, hand soap, perfume, aftershave, cologne, makeup or moisturizer you may see this chemical listed near the very end of the ingredients. Phenoxyethanol or ethylene glycol monophenyl ether is a preservative that can be derived from grapefruits, but more commonly it’s a synthetic version from China that’s being used in our products.

This ingredient is now taking over where parabens are being eliminated. You’ll either find one or more parabens listed along with phenoxyethanol, or just the latter, at the end of the ingredients. Japan and the E.U. have limited the amount that can be used in products to no more than 1%.  While that may seem minute, think about how many products have that same concentration in their product that you and your family use daily. In my house alone—a house that I have been trying desperately to detox over the past few years that has very few products containing outrageously hazardous chemicals—I found an unthinkable amount of products using phenoxyethanol in them that were deemed ‘all-natural’ or ‘certified organic!’  Here is a quick list of the products that I found in my house: all of Dr. Weil’s Origins product line including the men’s shaving cream, all of the women’s moisturizers, face creams, and facial washes, Origins products across the board from the body washes to wrinkle serum, ShiKai All Natural Lotions, Kiss my Face ‘naturallyobsessive’ lotions, and in several organic baby products, including the natural baby wipes that I use on my son! Can you imagine how outraged I was in finding this ingredient in these products?

Now, take your home into consideration.  If I found that many products in my home after an extensive detox process, how many mainstream products do you think you use daily that are not organic or natural and contain this toxic ingredient? Take into account how many of those items you use daily. The supposed safe amount that can be used in a product can be no more than 1%, yet how much are you absorbing when you may use 10 or more of these products a day?

To be continued…

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