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Please read part 1 from yesterday if you are just tuning in.

First, just how much is 1% of the ingredient phenoxyethanol in a product? I think Dr. Zoltan Rona M.D., M.Sc. restated it best:

“Now, what is 1% when it comes to a bottle of a lotion? 1% means 2 grams of pure 100% phenoxyethanol per 200 ml bottle of a lotion, a shampoo or a fragrance. It’s almost a teaspoonful! Does it make any difference if you rub it at once all over your body or you spread the damage and massage the toxin a drop at a time over a couple of months? It will end up inside your body in any case. Instead of a quick kill you simply opt for a slow kill, as Aubrey Hampton, the creator of Aubrey Organics, once said.”

Think about it. He talks about 200 ml of a product. That is a little over 6.7 oz of a product with as much as 1 teaspoon full of this pure toxin in it. This is in soaps, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, makeup, perfume, cologne, aftershave, baby products, etc. This ingredient is also found in vaccines and used as a food preservative. Add it all up. How much are you absorbing daily from just this one toxic ingredient? Like Dr. Rona said, you are applying 1 drop of one product daily on your skin. Add in all of the drops that you are applying to your skin daily by way of products, and then in the food you eat. How many drops are in 1 teaspoon? According to 60 drops are in a 5 ml teaspoon. Let’s average that out in the amount of drops you may absorb in a day.

Here’s a list of commonly-used items that contain phenoxyethanol and are used daily:
Body wash
Face wash
Face moisturizer
Face wrinkle cream
Eye cream
Liquid Foundation
Liquid concealer
Lip moisturizer
Liquid blush
Nail polish
Hand soap (multiple times a day)
Hand lotion (multiple times a day)

Now, factor in what you put on your kids, how many times you reapply/touch up your makeup or lipstick in a day, how many times you wash your hands, and how many times you put lotion on your skin. Then include your nighttime regiment: facial washes, facial creams, night creams, lotion, soap, etc. We are only talking about you. Think about how much you are using a day and then think about how many drops of pure phenoxyethanol you are absorbing. Do you think you are reaching the 60 drops a day? My guess would be ‘yes’ when you can easily consume almost 20 drops in just basic products while getting ready for work. There’s also the food that uses this ingredient as a preservative; you’re likely ingesting it daily, yet you can’t keep 100% track of the amounts. Kind of scary to think that you are getting the FDA’s maximum safety limit in just one day.  Toxins don’t just leave your body naturally—that’s why they’re toxins. They stay in your body. After days, weeks, months, and years of using these products, how much do you think you will accumulate, and, furthermore, what is it doing to your body?

To be continued…

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