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I’m beat. From my husband working so much and me balancing work, watching our son, being pregnant, and writing and keeping up with the blog, it’s taking a lot out of me. My goal is to have something written every day, minus Sundays, until the baby is born. This is quite a challenge. I had been doing well but then fell behind when my husband went out of town a few weeks back. Since then I’ve been struggling to catch up and fill in all of my days, as it will kill me if I look back and see holes in my weeks or months. It still bothers me that I had a rough patch back in November and the beginning of December when my hormones took a dive and I couldn’t bring myself to do much of anything—let alone write. Please bare with me as I try to catch up.

If that isn’t enough, I’ll be traveling for work beginning on March 15th and I will probably not have a chance to blog. I will try to do my best while we travel but I can’t promise anything at this point. I’d like to blog about traveling with a 21-month-old and ways of keeping him busy on planes and traveling in a car for hours, finding decent healthy food for him to eat, packing healthy snacks, the toll of jet lag on toddlers, etc. We will see when that time comes just how much I will be able to blog.

Thanks for your understanding and I’ll keep up the writing all week long until we leave.

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