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Temped in at 98.1 this morning. I’m at the end of my luteal phase and so my temp will remain high (possibly pregnant) or will fall to begin my period starting tomorrow. This weekend will tell all.

I’m going back today to the reason why I started this blog. My goal is to be toxin-free, or at least as toxin-free as possible, prior to getting pregnant and nursing, and then being an example to my kids that, in a world so devoted to fast food, dyes, preservatives, etc., there is another alternative. We can coexist in this society and make knowledgeable choices that will promote a healthier foundation for our bodies and minds.

In today’s society, it is going to be a challenge to be 100% toxin-free. I’m not going to live out in some remote area where I grow all of my own food and hunt for meat daily in order to be 99.9% toxin-free with .1% being left to the toxins that are still in the air we breath. That is not an option in my book—as awesome as that would be—nor is it an option to most women. I do applaud the families that I’ve read about who can raise a family that way. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t eliminate as many toxins as possible in our life. As there is so much to discuss on this topic, it might take me weeks to get through everything that I want to talk about. Please bear with me.

My goal is to make this as simple, yet well explained, as possible. I have placed the toxins into three categories:  ingested toxins, topical toxins, and inhaled toxins. Each category will then be broken down further and explained. I will begin with ingested toxins on Monday. I need the weekend to pull my notes and research together. I don’t want to forget anything and there is a lot in this category.

For now, be happy, healthy, and at peace. I look forward to sharing some good news with you over the weekend.


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