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We headed off to Europe for 2 weeks for work-related activities and some good holiday fun. We began our trip traveling to a larger city for departure so we can get a direct flight, thus beginning and ending our trip with an extra day not spent in Europe. We had our bags packed, 1 apiece, a car seat reserved for the flight—some international airlines will do this—and we rented a car seat for our rental car. Besides our luggage we had 1 backpack per person, a camera case, and a stroller. Everything was packed with a ton of goodies to keep our 21-month-old happy during the flight. Fortunately, our flight left late in the day, providing us with the opportunity to sleep a majority of the way and land feeling like we are starting the day, hopefully reducing the effects of jet lag. This will make the start of our trip less frustrating as we shouldn’t be too tired and will be able to get on the right time schedule quicker. (Note: when traveling anywhere it is a good idea to get on their time schedule as soon as possible. Set your alarm to get up on or about your normal waking time and get on with your day. You will get more out of your trip and will be able to adjust to the new time zone faster and more efficiently.)

Our day began perfectly. Might I remind you that I normally use cloth diapers and absolutely LOVE using them. I had taken them with me on every trip up to a week in length and had packed them for international flights before. However, we ran into a weight limit issue while packing on our last 2 week vacation and couldn’t pack enough diapers to accommodate that long of a stay. Plus, I’d be responsible for laundering all the diapers somewhere during my trip in a foreign country, something we never had to do. My husband talked me into using biodegradable disposable diapers instead of cloth diapers on that trip. I wasn’t thrilled at first but it did make more sense and would help during the trip; I wouldn’t have to deal with washing out diapers, drying them, and then packing them in garbage bags to take home. This trip we decided to do the same. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Wrong.

We left on a Monday and the diapers had been somewhat successful until we had our first diaper blow out and poo leaked all over our son while at a restaurant for dinner. I found myself trying to wash out his pants in the bathroom and cursing out the diaper. We laid down napkins in the car so he wouldn’t get anything on his car seat and then headed back to the hotel. Stupidly, I had forgotten to take an extra pair of pants with me that night. So, I smartened up and packed 2 extra pairs of pants in my backpack.

On Tuesday we checked out of our hotel and decided to kill some time before our late afternoon flight. We headed out to eat lunch and stroll around, and then blow out number two occured. Poo was everywhere and we had an even worse leak than the night before. I was prepared, though, and took him into the bathroom and completely changed him out of his yucky clothes and into a clean set. I was feeling pretty good and wasn’t phased too much.

Upon finishing lunch and walking for about 30 minutes, I realize my son has exploded again! Now this time it is really bad. He has leaked through his pants and on the stroller. Not good, but still not a problem. I have a pair of pants to change him into and can wash out the stroller in the bathroom. Off we go again to change the poopy toddler. I clean him up, clean up the stroller, and put napkins in his stroller to keep him from the newly washed seat.

Another hour and a half passed before we picked up our bags from the hotel and headed to the airport. Things were going lovely until we reached the car and noticed we had another explosion on our hands. The third pair of pants was ruined and, once again, poo has seeped onto the stroller. I’m now a bit panicked as I don’t have another pair of pants for him in my backpack; all I can think of is that I’m getting on a 10-hour flight to Europe in 3 hours! So I cleaned him up at the car, then cleaned the stroller the best I could and set him in his car seat in just a diaper, shirt, and sweatshirt. We decided in the car on our way over to the hotel that I should have enough time to wash out all 3 pairs of his pants and the stroller before we have to board a shuttle to the airport. Mind you, I do have other pants for him in the suitcase but don’t want to put jeans on him if he’s going to have blowouts. The current pants that I’d been putting on him were lightweight windbreaker pants—much easier to clean than jeans. You can see why I’d want to wash them and have them as my back-up pants. We arrived at the hotel and I ran to the bathroom with my trusty all-purpose soap in one hand, my travel hair dryer in the other, while pushing a stroller with 3 pairs of poopy pants as its occupants. I get 3 sinks filled with warm water and begin a hurried but thorough washing session, hoping that no one would come in the bathroom to witness my crazed rush. One pair, two pairs, three pairs down. Next, I spread out paper towels and rolled each pair of pants in the towels to dry them out the best I could before using the hair dryer. I washed the stroller and beeline for an outlet, which happened to be in the hallway outside of the convention area. There I sat, pregnant and blow drying the pants and stroller on the floor of the Hyatt. Luckily, the stroller dried in a matter of seconds. Then came the pants; again, they dried quickly due to the lightweight material. I get a text from my husband that I have 2 minutes until the shuttle comes. 15 minutes passed since I ran into the hotel and began this frenzied wash. I hurriedly finished drying the pants, unplugged my hairdryer, and took off running to make the shuttle.

My husband waited outside with all of our luggage and holding our little boy, who was still in just a diaper. One of the pairs of pants had almost dried, so I threw them on him. The other two pairs were strapped to the outside of my backpack. Whew! We made it, and boarded the shuttle. I had 2 extra pairs of pants—plus a 3rd that my husband had pulled from the baggage—for the 10-hour flight. A total of 4 in all, when including the pair my son wore.

Fortunately, that was the end of the blowouts for the day. My son eats a lot of fruits and veggies and thus causes him to go to the bathroom often. Based on previous trips, it takes him about a day to get his bowels adjusted to eating less fruits and veggies and switching over to a more solid diet. Therefore, the first day of our trips can lead to many diaper changes. However, this was one of those rare days where it was a LOT more than we had bargained for. Once he was done, he was done. That was it. We had an easy flight and no more explosions. If this happens to you, keep cool and try to think ahead. Fortunately, I had all-purpose soap, a travel hair dryer, a bathroom and an outlet easily accessible. Never had I planned on using all of those items in that sequence, but in hindsight I now know I’m ready for anything! Don’t let the day be ruined by a few poopy diapers! Women are the best at dealing with this kind of thing; keep that in mind the next time your child had his or her own explosion.

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