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Whew, that was a great trip, but tiring. Thank you for being so patient while I was out of the country traveling and trying to update my blog. I have one blog from last week that I will post later today that was supposed to be posted last Thursday. It will be past posted to that day as I was traveling by ferry and had no internet there nor in my room at the hotel in the UK. Then came the journey home, trying to get reestablished, deal with jet lag, unpacking, dirty clothes, etc. So, I’ll update that one blog to last Thursday as it is time sensitive to that week and deals with traveling.

The trip was 15 days long. I had a workshop to attend in the UK and ended up extending the trip into a mini vacation. My husband and I wanted to go back to Europe for years and this was our chance to do so. We traveled around the UK and then took a ferry to Ireland for a few days. Jet lag didn’t affect us as much as I would have expected based on our last journey over there about 8 years ago. Our flight took us through the night and we arrived in the morning the following day; adrenaline kept us going as we rented a car and drove about 2 hours to our hotel. I was the navigator and my husband was dealing with driving on the wrong side of the road. We were pretty exhausted once we reached our hotel but were determined to stay up until at least 9 pm to make sure we adjusted to the new time quickly. That pretty much worked. We did pop awake around 3 am and had to force ourselves to go back to sleep until 6 but took to the day like champs. It only took us about 2 days to really get into the time change and we were good to go.

The little man had a longer adjustment as noted in my previous blogs, but he weathered through and we really only noticed him getting overly tired around dinner time each night. For him it took almost a full 10 days to the new time regiment. He would nap like normal for 2 hours a day and then go to bed between 8-9 pm. When we go away on trips he refuses to lay down in the port-a-crib they have in our room and sleep. I always have to lay with him in our bed to get him to fall asleep and then I put him in his crib. Typically he’ll wake around 4 am and want to sleep with us until morning, or, in other words, I’m too tired to get him to go back to sleep so I just stick him in bed with us. While he did great taking to the time change with only a handful of instances where he was overly tired upon waking in the morning or giving us a nightmare dinner, I wouldn’t subject him to this all of the time. Jet lag isn’t good on the body at any age. 

Though famous movie stars fly their kids across seas nonstop to live in foreign countries for a few months at a time, then move them back to LA (I’m sure you know who I’m referring to), I can’t imagine the toll it takes on their little bodies. Furthermore, dealing with 6 kids all experiencing jet lag, several times a year cannot be fun. For us, this was a one time deal that won’t reoccur for at least another 8-10 years. We only have one child and one on the way; we could devote one-on-one time with our son to make sure he was tended to and we had plenty of patience to deal with the crying and being overly tired upon arrival. I fully support parents traveling with little ones on trips. However, I wouldn’t make flying to time zones that are more than 3 hours in time difference a habit, nor would I do it several times a year; it’s a lot for a little one to handle and does take a great toll on their bodies. I’d prefer several trips to shorter distances over the course of a year than a few major jet lag trips.

Here is a great site I found with some good tips on helping little ones adjust to jet lag. We immediately got on the new time schedule (unfortunately we didn’t have the option of keeping the little man on his time zone as it was a 7 hour difference and I had to be up early to head to my workshop so we opted to include him on the time change as soon as we could), we took him outside daily, and he even went for a 2 mile hike with my husband, walking a good mile of it through the moors on the 3rd day of our trip He ate at the normal feeding times based on our new time zone and we had organic healthy snacks throughout the day that I brought with us. We were patient with him when he was overly tired and couldn’t communicate to us his frustration. It’s a pretty common sense kind of thing.

I will add one point that seems to be missing from that article. Children, as well as adults, can experience constipation on trips, since you’ve interrupted your body’s schedule. This can be especially true when you travel on a plane for 10 plus hours and eat prepackaged plane food, airport fast food, and junk food to stay awake upon arrival. Since we left late in the day so we made sure we had a good protein breakfast with fruit and at lunch we had protein and a salad. It’s easy to slip into the idea that when on vacation, it’s normal to eat differently. Try not to do this; it will add to your body’s difficulty in trying to adjust to the new time zone and keeping regular.

While you can’t do a lot while on a plane, you can bring snacks like apples, bananas, carrots, and celery. Upon arrival, due to the jet lag, we were craving sugar and coffee. While I cannot drink coffee, I did opt for a ton of water and a breakfast bar, as our only option at the time was a gas station. There wasn’t any sign of a grocery store, and there were only fast food restaurants to choose from outside of Heathrow airport. (If you’ve been to Heathrow you know the craziness of the airport. You don’t want to be dealing with driving in the traffic, sitting on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road, and trying to find a place to eat!)

 The first day was tough to keep a good healthy schedule but we did manage to eat a nice meal with a salad that night and opted for eggs, bran muffins, and bran cereal the next morning for breakfast, along with plenty of fruit. Lunch and dinner consisted of protein, salads, and veggies and within a day we were all on track with no constipation issues. It does take some will power and thought to plan ahead and to really think about being on a trip/vacation while maintaining your health. For us, we don’t like to eat junk food and usually opt for salads, vegetables, meats, fruits and tons of water. The great thing about this is that you’ll gain less weight on the trip and will not feel so bloated and fat upon returning home!

Where ever you intend on going and whether it be by car, train, boat or plane, always remember your health comes first. Eat right and you’ll keep your body functioning properly as well as keep your immune system up and ward off any colds as your body can get get run down while traveling. Drink plenty of water, especially when you are pregnant and traveling by plane. Don’t forget to take your prenatal vitamins with you along with vitamin C, vitamin D, herbal cold fighting teas and homeopathic remedies incase someone were to get sick while on your trip. Being prepared and taking care of yourself while away will save you from a ruined vacation and will make any health issue easier to deal with.

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