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Here goes part two of my theory. Again, I have found no medical study to support this theory and am only taking the information that has been proven or my gut feelings to help support my view. Please take with you what you will; I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be one. I’m a mother and housewife that is looking for answers and am creating my own theories that make sense to me based on what I have found to be true for adults.

Can a toddler sense the sex of an unborn baby? Can a father unknowingly sense the sex of his unborn baby? Can the Honduran and Mexican belief that toddlers will react to their mothers based on the sex of the unborn child be true? I’m going out on a limb here, but I am beginning to think that these possibilities do have merit. While there is still a huge debate regarding pheromones and humans and just how far pheromones can affect a human, studies have shown that babies can pick out their mother’s scent by 6 weeks of age. Another study showed that toddler boys were more attracted to their mothers over their fathers and actually had an aversion to their fathers until around the age of 6. This makes sense to all of those parents out there that have either a son or a daughter and as most of the people I have spoke with all agree that at a certain toddler age their children were attracted to the opposite sex parent. This makes you stop to think about the labeling of a “mama’s boy” and “daddy’s girl” and where they may have a direct connection to pheromones and naturally being attracted to the opposite sex.

In the Honduran and Mexican cultures, they strongly believe that you can tell the sex of the unborn child by watching how the current toddler behaves toward the mother. If the toddler is clingy then the unborn child is of the opposite sex. If the toddler repels or ignores the mother, the unborn child is of the same sex. I had never heard of this theory until two of the people I work with came to me on different occasions, and without conferring with one another, told me that I was having a girl. This brought about a discussion with both of them on their cultures and beliefs and this is traditionally how they determine the sex of the unborn child within their family and friends. As each culture has a different belief of how they guess the sex of the unborn child (i.e. wider hips equals a girl, more egg shape a boy; or carrying higher a girl, carrying low a boy; or a faster heart beat a girl, the slower the heart beat a boy and so on), I found this theory of guessing a bit more fascinating and it stood out to me as it is the only guess that I have heard of that might have some truth to it if you believe in pheromones.

Now take into account my son and his current clinginess to me and other females and his need to be comforted by human touch, which releases the hormone oxytocin, to help him feel at ease and loved. His clinginess began on or about the same time as his nightly need for comfort. Even more coincidental is that this started about my 18th week of pregnancy. As most of you know by 18 weeks a baby has fully formed its genitalia and an ultrasound can be performed to determine the sex of the baby. While the sex can be found out sooner with a blood test, it is only reading the chromosomes while the actual development doesn’t fully complete itself until around 18 weeks. As I am releasing hormones daily, just how coincidental is his clinginess? Why couldn’t he be subconsciously picking up on the sex of the baby through my pheromones?

Then take into account my story as a toddler and how I repelled and wanted nothing to do with my mother while she was pregnant. She was having my sister, another female. What if I picked up on that and while I was threatened and wanted nothing to do with my mother, when it was time to sleep she would have been pushing me away to break me into sleeping on my own. This would have been a double whammy to me as a toddler, while I couldn’t understand the change occurring and pushed away my mother during the day as I was either fearful or threatened or even feeling betrayed with another female entering the picture and at night she would have been pushing me even further away when I actually did need her and needed her comfort to feel loved and to continue to bond. My theory now starts to make sense and takes form. In both cases the toddlers might be reacting to not only the sense that another being is coming and change is occurring, but also a need for comfort due to the insecurity and then sensing the sex which could either pull them or push them away from their mothers, why couldn’t this all be triggered by the release of pheromones?

Could this have an effect on the husband? Again, I believe it does. I have seen a difference in my husband on this second pregnancy. In fact, I told him so the other day before I began writing this series. On my first pregnancy, he was more reserved and while he wasn’t mean it was more distant than this pregnancy. During this pregnancy I’ve noticed that he is more attentive and affectionate. As we don’t know the sex of the baby, could this mean that I’m having a girl? Could he and my son be picking up on the sex of the child and both be responding ever so slightly to the pheromones and be attracted to a female? This second theory is solely based on us having a female. If I’m wrong and we have a boy, then it shoots at least the possibility of toddlers and spouses predicting the sex of an unborn child out of the water.

In moving forward, I will continue to comfort my son as he goes to sleep at night and will delay forcing him to bed until I think he is ready to go back to his old routine. This may take some time and I hope that my husband will be able to take over this role if it continues through to the new baby’s birth. As far as this second theory of mine, tune in from June 28th through July 8th to see if we do end up having a girl and prove this theory true!

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