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I’m thoroughly confused. My period is now 3 days late. My temperature jumped up to 97.8 yesterday and 98 today. I took a pregnancy test just to be sure and I’m not pregnant. So, now what? I can’t start tracking my days until my period starts and for the first time since January I’m out of sync. Bear with me while my body gets back on track.

To preface my discussion on toxins, I’m not a doctor nor in the medical field. The information that I’m about to cover is information that I have acquired over the past years and information that I continue to research. This expands every day. My goal is to give a breakdown of what toxins should be eliminated from the body, how to try and eliminate them, and how to avoid reingesting them. The latter will be the easiest. Once you know what items are toxic to the body, besides the obvious, then you can begin to make better decisions on a daily basis for you and your family when it comes to preparing meals.

So, what are toxins?

“A toxin is simply a poison that can affect the body by internal or external means. A toxin can be a chemical which occurs naturally or in synthetic form. More than 120,000 human-made chemicals have been introduced into the environment, in one form or another, and this number continues to grow each year at a phenomenal rate. At the same time, microbial toxins, being influenced by the vast numbers of chemicals, are mutating beyond belief. Each category of microbes produces species that generates toxins in host cells. Evidence is proving a definitive link between the accumulation of toxins in body tissues and the development of chronic diseases.” ( (This link is a great place to get a full understanding of how toxins are eliminated plus it gives a breakdown of more medically described toxins. As my goal is to make this understandable and easy to remember I will not be going that in depth.)

When toxins enter the body they have to be eliminated via the kidneys, liver, colon, lungs, and skin.  In order for toxins to leave the body they must be converted from fat-soluble to water-soluble through the liver. “This way the toxins can be removed through your body’s normal elimination pathways (urine, sweat, excrement, breath).” ( If the liver can’t convert the toxins into becoming water-soluble, they enter the blood stream and end up trapped in cells throughout your body.  These cells become inflamed and turn into fat. After years of harboring toxins they can create additional body ailments and chronic diseases. This is where I believe my Narcolepsy was derived.  By eliminating your body of toxins you will not only become more healthy and have more energy, but you will also lose weight and women with cellulite will see a dramatic decrease in its appearance ( (while cellulite does run in the family it can be reduced by eating right, drinking plenty of water, and exercising, which increases your circulation and sweats out toxins).  I’m not here to promote weight loss. It is a simple beneficial side effect from getting rid of toxins.

In the past century the government began allowing companies to add chemicals to our food that they felt were safe for us to consume. The FDA was created in 1906 to monitor companies. Initially they were formed to protect us from traveling salesmen selling snake oil remedies that had no benefit. It was also to help regulate the meat packing business. Since then it has expanded to include artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives that are deemed safe to add to food and medication. Generations of people have grown up ingesting these items that are considered safe. ( Now we are experiencing more health problems that are linked to toxins in the body—the same toxins approved by the FDA.

What do we see on prime time television? Ad after ad promoting drugs that claim to help with ailments of unknown origins, or others that mask a problem that can be reduced by just eating right and taking care of oneself. I’m not saying that all medications are bad or not necessary, but the majority are. Do you know there are marketing firms that are paid to come up with marketing campaigns to name drugs and simplify them to the general public to create the tv ads? ED, for example. Erectile Dysfunction. Viagra. I don’t believe that the majority of men need this, but it is becoming part of our norm. I have friends who have gone to parties where a bowl of Viagra was next to the door for their guests. From food to drugs I believe the authority of the FDA has gotten out of hand at our expense.

On top of that, we have become a very lazy and sedentary society. Unless we are in a manual labor job we usually don’t do much at all besides the once a week mowing of our yard.  Most of our jobs are either standing around or sitting at a computer. We aren’t in the fields planting, carrying water from the well a mile away, or harvesting our crops. We sit. We sit at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We sit or stand from 9-5 and do very little. We sit at night for 1-2 hours watching tv. We go to bed. Some of us work out for an hour a day, 5 days a week. While that is great, it simply isn’t enough if you are still eating a salad with yellow-5 in the dressing.

100 years ago, people moved nonstop. They manually worked daily and sweated out any toxins that were in their foods at that point in time. What do we do now? Nothing. Toxins are more prevalent today and we do less. That means less ways of expelling the toxins and more ways for us to get sick, age quickly, gain weight, feel groggy and sluggish, and end up on prescription medication at an early age for high blood pressure due to obesity.  This is why eliminating the items that we know are toxic will allow our bodies to eliminate the random toxins that slip into our bodies through ingestion or inhalation. This is especially true for anyone who plans on getting pregnant or who is currently pregnant. You can begin to fix this problem today and limit the amount of toxins passed onto your baby.

With that being said, I promised to begin covering ingested toxins this week. I wanted to give some background on toxins first. The way I plan on discussing ingested toxins is to break them down into 5 categories and then take on one category a day. I’ve broken up ingested toxins into artificial flavorings/sweeteners/dyes, food preservatives, processed foods, medications, and smoking/alcohol.  I will be starting tomorrow with artificial flavorings, sweeteners and dyes. Take with you what you will and choose what is right for you.

Until tomorrow, may you be blessed with love, health, and prosperity. ~ Holly

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