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Well, go figure we have He-Man for a toddler. Our little guy runs, falls and scrapes himself constantly with only a minor cry and then he is off and running again. That wasn’t the case this past Sunday. We have a great dane who is not as big as she should be and is actually quite small for a dane. She stands about 3 ft tall at the back and is only 110 lbs compared to what she should be at 150+. Our 22 month old and the dane get along great and therefore we didn’t have any issues with him climbing on her as she sat in the yard on Sunday while we planted flowers. This is a common thing. As our toddler was sitting on her back our dane decided to slowly stand up and in the process he gently tumbled down to the grass. A very easy fall that my husband and I both watched and didn’t think anything of as he was basically to the ground before she was fully standing. This wasn’t the case for our toddler.

He immediately let out a scream of pain and I rushed over to him. We could see nothing wrong but he kept complaining of his neck and his collarbone area hurting him. With him being so small all he could do was just keep whimpering “boo boo” and pointing to the same location. I then tried picking him up under his arms and that too led to another cry of pain. We just sat with him to calm him down and we soon realized that this was different than his other falls and boo boos. I gave him some homeopathic Hyland’s inflamation tablets and rubbed some Badger organic sore muscle ointment on him and he seemed better but not fully recovered. He is tough and just continued to whimper for the next hour with no crying or shouts of pain. I gave him a bath hoping that the warm water would help as we were still unsure if he just strained some muscles or cracked a bone. This seemed to help. Then I laid him down for a nap with another application of the ointment.

Upon waking he was a mess. Crying and pointing to his collarbone area saying, “boo boo” over and over again. This had us really concerned, but after about 30 minutes he seemed to have loosened up and was playing with only a whimper here and there. He didn’t want to use the arm associated with the pain either. We continued to discuss what to do as he wasn’t in dire pain and he had no swelling or bruising. This led us to believe that maybe it was just a muscle issue. Throughout the rest of the night he continued to play and we were ginger with his arm and lifting him. He was more mellow and didn’t use his one arm much and then he eventually laid with us on the couch and didn’t want to move.

In the morning he awoke and seemed to be fine until he tripped and fell into me, then he noted his boo boo again. Still no signs of bruising, swelling or anything obvious that we could see. We had discussed taking him to the chiropractor as they have an x-ray machine and would be the best to look at him as they see him pretty regularly, but upon him waking up and still having no physical signs of any trauma we decided to wait. You don’t want to have your child have to have any unnecessary x-rays at an early age.

After breakfast, I began researching collarbone breaks and found that it is quite common in children to break this particular bone when they are young as this bone doesn’t fully harden until adulthood. In fact, it is the number one broken bone. Furthermore, I found that if it were to break you would know it. The pain is excruciating and the child would not be able to sleep through it and you would notice the following symptoms:

If your toddler has broken her collarbone, you may notice one or more of these signs:
• Her shoulder sags down and forward
• She won’t lift her arm and holds it close to her body (although this can instead be a sign of nursemaid’s elbow)
• Bruising over the bone
• Swelling of the area
• A bump where the bone broke — the bone rarely breaks through the skin, but it may push on it, causing a bump
• A lump over the area where the bone is broken, called a callus, which develops in the first week or so ~

Finding this information out relieved us and we are now thinking that he might have just pulled a muscle or maybe has a hairline fracture. Either way we are watching over him and still being ginger with him. I’ve continued to give him bruising and sore muscle tablets along with Badger’s organic sore muscle ointment. The babysitter noted that he did continue to favor the opposite arm and only complained a few times of he boo boo. As we don’t have any solid evidence to take him anywhere and he is not in any major pain we will just continue to monitor him over the next few days. Should your child have any of the above symptoms make sure you take them to your chiropractor or doctor for treatment.

Typically, for a broken collarbone your child will be given some pain medication, made sure the bone is set and then sent home with a sling. It is up to you to make sure they don’t play with that arm and that they keep it in the sling until the bone fully sets. One mother recommended purchasing some toys that the child can play with that can be used with one hand and bribing your toddler to keep their arm in the sling by decorating it and making it fun for them to use the sling. Whatever your means are, keeping the arm in a sling is important to help heal the collarbone. For any of you parents who have had this problem and have methods that might help other parents please feel free to leave your comments here.

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