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We run into toxins on a daily basis that can seem to be out of our control. You walk into a public restroom at the mall and go to wash your hands to find blue foam anti-bacterial soap, next you head to the gym and again find pink liquid soap at the sink and then upon exiting the gym you have to spray down your machine with some toxic commercial cleaning product, next you head to your grocery store and they have clorox wipes to wipe down your cart, lastly you go to your doctor’s office where they not only have the anti-bacterial soap but then supply you with lotion, which contains parabens or phenoxyethanol. AHHH!!! Can we get inundated with one more toxic item to place on our bodies that is suppose to be safe by so many public places in one day? Probably.

So, what do you do? This is easy enough to answer. First, be observant and aware of what you are using every time you walk into a public restroom. That is the first step. To me, I’d rather deal with germs than the toxic soaps and lotions that they give you to use to clean and protect yourself. Which is more harmful, some germs or toxins that enter your body and build up over time and lead you into disturbances in your health at a later date that can be much more harmful than the common cold or flu? You don’t have to use what they have sitting in front of you. You have a choice. As a female, you typically carry a purse or diaper bag at all times. Add to your purse a baggie that contains these three items, natural all-purpose soap, toxin free lotion and all natural hand sanitizer or wipes.

First, I carry Dr. Bronner’s All-Purpose Pure Castile Soap. This is great soap as it is natural and mostly organic and can be used for washing your hands to washing clothes to washing dishes or your teeth. It is great to take on camping trips as it is fine if dumped near a stream and it is concentrated so you don’t need a lot to go a long way. It is also great if you spill something on yourself and need a fast way to clean your blouse. If you recall, I had to do some last minute washing of my toddler’s pants on our trip. This is what I used. You can purchase this online or at Whole Foods for less than $2.50 for a 2 oz. bottle that will last you for a long time.

Second, I carry Avalon Organics hand and body lotion. I have the 2 oz. aloe unscented lotion that you can pick up online or at Whole Foods for $2.50 a bottle. This is definitely better than using some generic lotion that contains parabens and is safe for kids.

Third, I carry Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizer and wipes. I love this product. It is natural and can spray up to 225 times per 1 oz. bottle. The wipes come in packs of ten and are great for kids. My toddler uses both and he knows how to rub his hands together after we use the spray. I used this all over the UK and Ireland when we went on our trip. Instead of using the Clorox wipes at the grocery store, spray this or use the wipe on the cart.

So, how do you get around having to wipe down a machine at the gym with toxic commercial chemicals? Easily. Here are two methods. First, if they give you paper towels, you can easily fold them up and create a barrier between you and the chemicals. Spray down the machine and only use one side of the folded paper towels to clean off the machine. Don’t touch the spray or allow the paper towel to become too wet where it will seep through the towel and onto your skin. Get another paper towel before that happens. Your second option is a little bit more pricey but again worth it. Use a wipe from your Clean Well packet. This does the same as the toxic sprays. All the gym wants you to do is to clean off your machine and make it safe for the next person. Clean well will do just that.

There you have it. Three items that can keep you one step further protected from the harmful toxic chemicals that are out in our every day lives. Any items you choose will work. Just be careful that they are natural products and don’t contain toxins such as parbens and phenoxyethanol. Make sure you place them in a container or baggie to prevent leakage.

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