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Temperature dropped to 97.3 today but no period.

Artificial sweeteners, flavorings, and dyes is our topic today. There are many things to watch for in these categories, so review the sites I’m going to share with you and continue to be on the lookout for any new ingredients in your food that you’ve never heard of or can’t pronounce. If you are trying to be healthy and care about what you put in your body then you shouldn’t have to inundate yourself with reading labels. This is a no brainer. Before you buy Snickers, Fruit Loops, or Doritos ask yourself, “Is this healthy for my child or myself?” You are smart, you know the answer instantly. If you can look at the product and have an idea that it might be loaded with artificial sugars and dyes then don’t buy it. This isn’t rocket science.

However, when I was 22 and had just moved to Las Vegas for my new job, eating right wasn’t on my list of priorities. I was horrible. Soda, Kool-Aid, tubs of chocolate chip cookie dough (raw!), fast food, etc. I was on a limited budget and never thought about gaining weight or the dyes in my food. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy that I even thought much about what I put into my body. This goes to show that it is never too late to change.

While doing additional research I ran across an online book that was published in 1917. I want to read through this before I continue on writing today.¬† Here’s the link:

More to come as I continue to do my due diligence on this subject and take time to read the book above.

~ Holly

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