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I saw my acupuncturist on Tuesday and she realigned my chi. Ta da! My irritability has vanished. I love acupuncturists! She also gave me a handout of everything she recommends while pregnant in terms of food and vitamins. I’m waiting on some more info that she is giving me and then I’ll post it all. [...]

I’m pregnant! I’m so excited! Thrilled, actually. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? I was charting and testing and nothing and now—surprise!—I’m pregnant. I’m just as shocked as if I hadn’t been trying. This took me back and made me really go through my notes to find out how I could have missed this. Wow, this is [...]

No news to share. On with preservatives.
Preservatives can be natural or man-made and are necessary to keep food from going bad and to prevent foodborne illness.  We add preservatives to allow for food to be shipped all over the world and to arrive with plenty of shelf-life. As with dyes and artificial additives, we have crossed over [...]

Nothing has changed on the waiting game. I’m late. Not pregnant. Good times.
After I signed out to do additional reading I realized that I was thinking too hard. I was over doing everything. I decided to simplify and keep things to the point. If you would like further explanations, I can do that. Just let [...]

Temperature dropped to 97.3 today but no period.
Artificial sweeteners, flavorings, and dyes is our topic today. There are many things to watch for in these categories, so review the sites I’m going to share with you and continue to be on the lookout for any new ingredients in your food that you’ve never heard of [...]

I’m thoroughly confused. My period is now 3 days late. My temperature jumped up to 97.8 yesterday and 98 today. I took a pregnancy test just to be sure and I’m not pregnant. So, now what? I can’t start tracking my days until my period starts and for the first time since January I’m out [...]

Nothing new today. I found a great basal body temperature charting website that I’ll include later today on this post.
Here’s a downloadable link to a pdf for charting on your own:
Here’s the online charting link: This site is free and when you sign up you get certain privileges for 30 days; then, you can upgrade [...]

My temperature fell today to 97.3. Uhh. So, not pregnant. That was a huge false alarm. I really thought I was pregnant, but who is to say that my positive thinking wasn’t working overtime?
There’s a reason for everything. Back to the drawing board.I’m excited to try again in 9 days! You know how much fun [...]

Temped in at 98.1 this morning. I’m at the end of my luteal phase and so my temp will remain high (possibly pregnant) or will fall to begin my period starting tomorrow. This weekend will tell all.
I’m going back today to the reason why I started this blog. My goal is to be toxin-free, or [...]

Still high at 98.2.
I’m not seeing the same temperature pattern I did when I got pregnant the first time. I’m also not feeling as pregnant as I thought I’d be. Tired, yes, but that could be because of all of the work I’ve been doing. The next two days will tell for sure. If my [...]

Temped in at 97.9 again today! 
If you are trying to get pregnant then you should start taking prenatal vitamins and establish a well-balanced diet. I am neither a doctor nor an expert on prenatal vitamins, but I have done my own research and am providing basic information that can help shed some light on taking [...]

Temped in at 97.9 today! Staying high!
I had planned on talking about prenatal vitamins today and then I had my friend, Amy, remind me of the luteal phase, which I had completely forgotten to talk about! So, I’m putting off the vitamins until tomorrow.
The luteal phase is the phase between the day of ovulation or [...]

I temped in at 98.2 today!
The basal body temperature method is a quite common method, but one that I’m realizing a lot of people don’t know about or understand. I was surprised at the reactions after I released my blog, as readers asked, ”I still don’t understand, are you pregnant or not?” The answer is, I don’t [...]

Temped in at 97.4 today.
Medical Disclaimer: Certain sections of this Blog deal with health and medical related issues.  Always seek the advice of a trained health professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before seeking any treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking medical treatment due to [...]

I’ve decided to track my possible pregnancy by the date according to the first day of my last menstrual cycle. While this still boggles my mind and makes no sense as to why they include the days you are pregnant all the way back to the day your last period started—when you weren’t pregnant—and then [...]