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Tag Archives: Finding a doula

As explained yesterday, I’m not here to badmouth my first doula. I am here to provide additional information that you might want to consider when searching for a doula. Take this information and use it as you see fit; really look into yourself as to what you need in a doula.
My first experience with a [...]

Last week, I found my doula and hired her. Two weeks ago I scheduled interviews with several doulas and by last Friday I had narrowed my search down to one. I chose to go with Penny De Gregorio who is in Sparks.

This is my second child and I did have a doula on my first [...]

As I found such a perfect description online, I decided to just quote it directly from that site.
“The word doula is a Greek word that means women’s servant. Women have been serving other women in childbirth for centuries and have proven that this support from another woman has positive effects on the labor process…A doula is [...]